A step from “Tesla” may help its competitors and earn $ 7.5 billion from it!

It will open 7,500 electric chargers to other electric cars

A step from Tesla may help its competitors

Tesla announced the opening of 7,500 electric chargers to other electric cars from its competitors in America, after it received a grant of about $ 7.5 billion from the Biden administration.

The Biden administration seeks to install and operate at least 500,000 electric car chargers on US roads by 2030, out of the 130,000 current chargers.

This week, the government announced a comprehensive set of plans and initiatives to spur on their green vehicle goals that include financial incentives for companies such as Tesla, General Motors and ChargePoint which build and operate charging networks. These businesses will be eligible for federal funding if they adhere to the new guidelines outlined by the government. With these measures in place, it is expected that progress toward sustainable transportation will move forward at an accelerated pace.

President Biden applauded Tesla’s commitment to opening 3,500 new superchargers along highway lanes to electric cars from competitors by late 2024.

Tesla will also offer 4,000 regular chargers in hotels and restaurants.

And so far in America, Tesla Supercharging stations are basically available for Tesla cars only.

While some believe that this step may undermine the competitive advantage of Tesla, others see the seven and a half billion dollar grant allocated by the Biden administration to build more electric car charging stations.

It may become the share of another competing company and thus advance in the US supercharger market, of which Tesla controls 60%, as it owns about 17,700 superchargers.

Investors and electric car enthusiasts in the United States have been waiting for this step from Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, for two years, as he tweeted in 2021, saying, “Tesla’s charging network is not to hit our competitors.”

The company has opened some of its superchargers in Europe and Australia to non-Tesla owners since then.