More people struggle with phobias than you might think.  The human mind is unique, so one fear for one person may vary for another.  Some people have an irrational fear of getting into a boating accident, while other people can’t stand the sight of snakes.  There’s no telling what someone’s brain has decided is a personal threat to their safety.

Phobias, unlike fears, can control a person’s life.  It can affect their ability to have a normal job or sleep schedule.  It may affect their personal relationships and affect their ability to even get out of the house.

It may take some work; however, with enough dedication, you can learn the right coping mechanisms.  Over time, you can overcome your phobias and take control of your life again. Here is how to get started.

Start Gradually

Although your initial instinct may be to avoid your fears, you’re not doing yourself any good.  You’re better off gradually exposing yourself to your fear little by little.

Start small, and slowly work your way up to longer exposure times.  Each time you’ll feel a little bit braver. Eventually, with enough patience and determination, you’ll overcome the fear.  The panic will no longer take over, and you’ll have a reasonable reaction to exposure to your prior phobia.

Be Patient With Yourself

It’s easy to get frustrated and compare yourself to other people.  You may wonder why everyone else seems to act perfectly normal around your fear while you start sweating and panicking.

Be kind to yourself and remember that this is a journey.  Let your frustration serve as motivation to work harder to conquer your fear.

Find Like Minded People

It can be helpful to join a support group or surround yourself with people who are struggling with the same thing.  When you have a support system, you’ll feel less isolated in your struggles.

Research shows that people attempting to overcome issues such as phobias have greater success when they work alongside others.  It can be a relief to know that you’re not alone. Even though you may not have the same fears, it’s comforting to know that someone else has difficulties in the same ways.

Learn Coping Techniques

Sometimes you may be faced with your fears without planning for it.  In scenarios of uncontrolled exposure, you may find yourself in a full blown panic attack.  Therefore, it’s essential to know some coping techniques to keep you calm.

You may find these exercises online or through reading materials.  You can even take a class. However you do the research is up to you.  Just make sure that you retain the information so you can put it to use in order to stay calm during a stressful confrontation with your fear.


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