Steps to Take After Getting Into an Accident in Los Angeles

Steps to Take After Getting Into an Accident in Los Angeles

In 2021, Los Angeles saw 40k vehicle collisions. Plus, the City of Angels averaged one car accident death every 30 hours in the first half of the same year.

The southern California city is bound to see a high number of collisions. An estimated 3.8 million residents call it home, and its roads see little relief from traffic.

Even though mass transit has improved over the last five years, Angelenos still prefer to drive. Most people commute to work. Then, the city experiences rideshare, public transit, and tourist traffic.

Most people spend their time in Los Angeles and never collide with another vehicle. However, accidents can happen to anyone without warning.

Drivers who find themselves in the middle of a collision must take several steps. For example, you might need to get in touch with personal injury professionals, such as the team from Avian Law Group.

You’ll also need to figure out how to pull off the road to avoid causing additional collisions.

We outline some steps to take after getting into an accident in Los Angeles.

Assess Possible Injuries

The severity of the collision will dictate the extent of possible injuries. In the chaos of an accident, maintain a level head. Then, attempt to assess possible injuries to your person.

You’ll need this information when you speak with a 911 operator and the local authorities who answer the scene.

The information will help the 911 operator determine what kind of help they need to dispatch to the scene.

Assess the Condition of Passengers

Next, assess the condition of any passengers in your vehicle. In collisions, passengers take the biggest hits and impacts. Data from 2020 shows that passengers accounted for 62% of vehicle accident fatalities.

You might not have the ability to make passengers comfortable in the aftermath, but you can help each other unbuckle seat belts and call 911.

Call 911

When you call 911, speak clearly and succinctly. The operator needs to understand the situation, location, and extent of injuries.

As you provide the operator with the information, they will make notes and alert the proper authorities.

Pull off the Road

Most Los Angeles roads, highways, and bridges experience heavy traffic throughout the day. Therefore, accidents cause massive inconveniences for other drivers.

After calling 911, assess if you can pull the vehicle off the main road and to the side. Some collisions simply turn cars around. Others are more violent.

Drivers who cannot move the vehicles off the main road should assess if they can physically exit and walk to the side. Remaining inside the car isn’t a good idea since one accident can breed additional ones.

Therefore, use your judgment.

Wait for the Local Authorities

Drivers and passengers must wait for the local authorities to arrive on the scene. The highway patrol will document it, while the fire department and emergency responders will provide medical aid.

The police might also arrive on the scene. Thus, remain patient and attempt to recollect the details of the incident.

Los Angeles has become famous for its high-speed highway chases. It also sees a fair share of hits and runs. Thus, avoid suspicion of foul play by waiting for highway patrol or local police to arrive.

Obtain a Report of the Incident

Local authorities and highway patrol arrive at the scene of collisions to document them.

After speaking with them, ensure you obtain a copy of the report. The document will help you file your claim with your insurance company.

In addition, exchange contact and insurance information with the other drivers involved in the collision, if any.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Next, keep the document, take note of your version of the incident, and call your insurance company.

Sometimes it’s tricky to file claims with insurance providers – that’s why personal injury legal professionals offer their services to the public.

Follow Up

The process doesn’t end until you have followed up with several entities and obtained a resolution.

For example, you might require medical care. You should also follow up with your insurance provider and legal representation.


Drivers involved in vehicle collisions in Los Angeles must take several steps to protect themselves and others. After assessing your immediate injuries, try to pull off the side of the road and call 911. Then, wait for the local authorities or highway patrol to document the incident. Remember that legal professionals can help you through the aftermath, including filing a claim with your insurance company.

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