Subway is one of the largest employing franchises in the country, and the hiring process is a relatively easy one – if you’ve got what it takes. You can work in one of the Subway restaurants or at their corporate office. Given the fact that Subway is a franchise, each store has a different manager and operating system, and you will have to adjust to their hiring rules and requirements.

Applications for positions at specific restaurants differ to some extent from the corporate headquarters ones. So, today we will dive deeper into the issue and show you the most critical five steps you need to take to get a job at Subway. One essential thing you should know is that the hiring process at Subway is quick and straightforward: it does not usually take more than two weeks, so you need to be ready to rumble and ride the wave.

Step 1: Find a Subway Location Having Job Openings

If you want a job at Subway, the first thing you need to do is match your job needs with the available positions in your area. Go to the Subway website and check out their Careers page. You will find there a handful of jobs (from Sandwich Artist to Area Supervisor) and a link to an employment application form for each position.

  • Remember that Subway restaurants are independently owned and operated. You might want to visit a few restaurants in your area and see how things move, what people work there, how the manager behaves, who are your potential future colleagues, and so on.
  • While each Subway franchise owner hires staff members directly for the restaurant, you can still use the online application you find on their dedicated website page; we will talk in a minute about direct applications as well.

If you want to use the online forms, check out these Subway online application guidelines written by the experts at Job Application Center. You will learn more about Subway’s entry-level careers and managing positions’ requirements and benefits. Moreover, in case you cannot navigate the Subway website well, this resource allows you to download the Subway application form, also showing you how to use the Careers page and track down the applications you have already submitted.

Now that you have found which restaurants hire new people and you checked them out personally to get a glimpse of the atmosphere, it is time to submit your application form.

Step 2: Prep your CV like a Resume Artist

While Subway is always willing to hire competent people, you should know that the competition is fierce. For a job at Subway, just like for any job, you need to shine with a well-crafted resume and a compelling cover letter. Do not, for a second, underestimate competition in general or the standards imposed by each Subway restaurant owner.

Just because you apply for a sandwich maker and not a regional manager position in an IT corporation this does not mean you should take things lightly and consider than anything goes. In this day and age, good resumes and powerfully motivated cover letters are the ones that will get you in the door.

For more tips, tricks, and resources, check out this guideline on how to create a strong job resume. You will learn more about what to include in and what to leave off your resume – useful information for any job applicant– and how to keep it concise but cool.

A good resume is your winning ticket, together with the right attitude, and a friendly, open, and authentic approach. If you want a customer-centric job at Subway, your CV and cover letter should demonstrate you are a people person and a reliable team player.

Step 3: Submitting the Application Form

Application FormAs you will learn from the tutorial mentioned above, you need to create a profile and log in to the Subway website to submit your application. Subway also shares some tips on how to fill in the form to be successful.

Remember that using the online application directly on the sandwich chain’s website is just one of the two ways to get a job with the restaurant. The second path you can take is giving your application form and your resume to the restaurant manager. This direct paper-submission method, as old school as it may be, leads to good results, especially if you succeed in positively interacting with the manager.

Here are some tips on how to submit a paper application:

  • Put the resume and the cover letter in an envelope and seal it;
  • Write the name of the store manager on the jacket – if you know it; if you do not know it, find it out directly from the Subway employees working in the restaurant of your choice;
  • Try speaking directly to the manager/owner and give him/her the sealed envelope; if you can not get a hold of the owner, ask an employee to deliver the sealed envelope;
  • Somebody will probably call you to learn more about you and schedule an interview.

The sealed envelope method may seem strange at first, but you need to take into account human psychology. A manager spends enough time sifting through emails and online application forms. While efficient, he or she will not particularly remember a name or a person.

On the other hand, if you take the time and the effort of preparing your documents in a nicely sealed envelope, drive to the restaurant, learn the owner’s name, and convince a worker there to take the jacket from you and deliver it to the manager, the owner will remember you loud and clear so to speak.

Such an operation clearly shows that you mean business and you want the job. Moreover, it shows you are willing to walk the extra mile to obtain what you want – and good leaders will always appreciate that in their employees.

Step 4: Get Ready for the Interview

Your application strategy could be successful enough to land you the job without the interviewing process. There have been cases when Subway hired on the spot, just with a CV. Sometimes it happens when they want to fill some positions with celerity, other times it happens when an applicant leaves a memorable impression.

In the case you made an impression but they told you to wait for the interview schedule – which usually takes place within the next 24-48 hours – take advantage of this time and prep for the interview, keeping in mind that probably other 50 candidates do the same thing in the same time.

Getting ready for an interview at Subway means going through two preparation stages:

  • Standard interview questions all managers in all companies ask;
  • Subway-specific topics that require your attention.

The second category of questions may get a bit tricky, but you can handle things masterfully. We will offer you some examples, emphasizing the importance of research. Learn about Subway as many things as you can and engage in some field research spending some time in the restaurant that you want to work in. There are no online resources to accurately describe what happens in reality, every minute of every day, in a restaurant. In other words, play Sherlock and visit the scene to get clues and insights.

Here are some questions you should expect:

  • Knowing what you have learned about Subway, why do you want to work for us?
  • What are our customer service policies and how will you be able to comply with them and promote them during your job?
  • How do you greet a customer?
  • How would you manage a discontent customer?
  • What would you do solve a conflict with a colleague or a manager?
  • What does BMT stand for?
  • What is your favorite Subway sandwich?
  • How would you describe a Sandwich Artist?

Some reliable online resources and guidelines give you tips on how to answer these Subway interview questions. Read them and match the information with the things you have learned in the field. Be prepared to know many things about Subway, its menu, its policies, and its values.

5. Rock the Interview

Rock the InterviewExpecting a series of questions and preparing some smart answers beforehand is not enough for you to land the job. Some candidates may have better work experience than you may, some may even come with a handful of degrees and certificates. What will make Subway hire you will depend plenty on the impression you make during the interview.

  • Smile, be friendly and genuine, dress well, talk right, be spontaneous, and do not show signs of shyness;
  • Answer the questions, but do not be afraid to show that, even if you do not have any information, you are willing to learn, evolve, and spend time developing as a person and a professional;
  • Do not forget to ask your interviewer questions that matter to you – work schedule, rules you must follow, specific restaurant policies and work ethics, dress code, etc.; the more interest you will show for the job and the franchise, the more attention the manager will manifest toward you.

If all goes well, you will receive news about getting the job in no time. Remember that if you want to build a career at Subway, you will have to use your mind, skills, and an awesome personality to get those promotions and raises.

We hope that these tips and steps have helped you get a better idea on how to get a job at Subway! Good luck!