He slept for weeks at Twitter headquarters. Steve Davis will replace Musk as Twitter CEO

Steve Davis will replace Musk as Twitter CEO
Steve Davis will replace Musk as Twitter CEO

It appears that the man who had the authority to select certain Twitter employees for dismissal might substitute Elon Musk -the notorious billionaire- as director of the huge social media corporation.

According to reports from “The Information” website, rumours have been circulating among the Blue Bird employees about this.

So what do we know about Steve Davis?

Initially, the Twitter employees in San Francisco were astounded when Elon Musk arrived and took on a deputy role at their headquarters. Over the course of several weeks, he dedicated himself to his various responsibilities – many of them assigned by him as the new owner. Despite some controversy around his acquisition, Musk was determined to prove that he could help take Twitter into its next era of success.

Furthermore, Davis – who has been with Musk’s firms since 2003 – had the upper hand in putting into action the policy of “letting go staff and cutting their numbers” endorsed by the American tycoon.

He was actively involved in the difficult process of laying off 200 employees.

Moreover, the zealous man when asked to cut $500 million in operating costs at Twitter, was able to generate savings of around double by terminating certain contracts with outside companies and renegotiating others.

It is worth noting that in 2019, Davis was appointed CEO of the Hyperloop tunnelling company owned by Musk; later he became CEO of The Boring Company.

In addition, he collaborated with Elon Musk at SpaceX.

In mid-February, Musk announced his intent to appoint a director for Twitter at the conclusion of 2021.

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