Stone Crushers and its Types

Crusher is a machine which is designed in a way to crush rocks into a smaller size for further usage. Crushers are widely used in mining industries. The rock is crushed by applying mechanical force to disintegrate into smaller pieces. The raw material is fed from the hopper which is mounted at the top of the crusher, by gravity rocks are fed from the hopper, and in some cases feed controller are used to controlling the feed rate of the material to be crushed by using belt drives or vibrating conveyors. Usually, in the crushing process, there are multistage crushers, first, the raw material is sent to the primary machine which reduces material size required for the next stage for a finer grain. 

There are many types of industrial crushers used in different conditions with different properties, some of the crushers mainly used in industries are enlisted below  

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Jaw Crusher

One of the oldest type jaw crushers and probably the least difficult kind of rock smashers. Jaw crusher resembles a big collapsible V made from two metal sheets. In the lower part, these two metallic sheets are exceptionally near one another and at the top, they are further separated. One divider is kept still while the other is shut against it – as a rule around three times each second. At the point when it shuts, the jaw squashes the stones inside it. Since it decreases, the stones are squashed to finer and finer sizes as they go down, at that point dropped through the base.

These crushers are for the most part utilized at the initial phase of material crushing used in a few applications, including rock pits, mining, construction and destruction reusing, development totals, metallurgy, and concoction ventures. 

A jaw crusher’s flywheel, switch plates, pitman, whimsical shaft, and driving engine produce the devastating activity and give the vitality expected to disintegrate the material into smaller parts

Roller Crusher

Another type is the roller consists of two enormous metal rollers turning in inverse ways. Rocks are taken care of into the space between the two rollers, where they are squashed and afterward dropped to the ground. Roller smashers are regularly utilized as an auxiliary pulverizing stage. Little, pre-squashed rocks are embedded into the roller, which at that point separates them into smaller sized rocks.

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The roller Crushers are known as pressure type crusher and were once broadly utilized in mining. They have, for the last 10 or so years, are disfavored among mining and other process industries. The plausible explanation is because the enormous mines require extremely huge squashed item yield with negligible cost, which make them noncompetitive. As compared to cone crushers the roll crusher is not so profitable, regarding volume, and they do have a little higher upkeep related to them. Roller smashers do, notwithstanding, give an exceptionally close item size conveyance, and if the ore isn’t excessively grating, they don’t have high upkeep costs.

Gyratory Crushers

The gyratory crusher has the same concept of jaw crusher, it consists of a conical head and its surface is concave. the material used in both is usually manganese steel. the cone inside the crusher, which is used to crush stones has a circular motion, but it doesn’t rotate in its axis, this circular moment is caused by the eccentric mechanism of the crusher. The raw material, which is fed from the top, when meets two surfaces, gets crushed down until it becomes thin enough to propagate into space between those two surfaces.

gyratory crushers fall in the category of one of the fundamental kinds of essential crushes in a mine or ore handling plant. Gyratory smashers are assigned in size either by the expand and mantle width or by the size of the opening. these crushers can be utilized for essential or auxiliary squashing. The devastating activity is brought about by the end of the hole between the mantle line (portable) mounted on the focal vertical shaft and the sunken liners (fixed) mounted on the principle casing of the smasher. The hole is opened and shut by an unpredictable on the base of the axle that makes the focal vertical axle spin. The vertical shaft can pivot around its hub. The smasher showed is a short shaft suspended axle type, implying that the fundamental shaft is suspended at the top and that the unusual is mounted over the apparatus 

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