A “strange accident” in America… a dead employee was found in a refrigerator

An employee found his colleague dead, Thursday evening, in the refrigerator at Arby’s restaurant in Louisiana, USA, and the police said, Friday, that those concerned are investigating the matter.

While the police were surprised by the incident, and it was reported that it was rare, records reveal that many of them occurred, which calls for alerting to safety instructions.

According to NBC , the body of the woman, a restaurant employee in New Iberia, was found shortly after 6 p.m., police in the area said in a statement Thursday.

The area police did not suspect a criminal motive behind the incident, noting that the matter “is still under investigation, and no crime is suspected at the present time.”

The police told News 15 that, “One of the employees, an employee, discovered the presence of the woman’s body inside the refrigerator,” and they were surprised at the death.

“Such a situation is unusual, so we are taking extra precautions during the investigation,” the police said.

The Interprenor website stated that accidental deaths in refrigerators are uncommon, but their occurrence is not widely known.

And the site quoted the report of the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics : Concerning Injuries, Diseases and Deaths, that during the year 2021, 43 American workers died due to exposure to “extreme temperatures.”

And in November of 2022, The New York Times reported the death of a 33-year-old man who was stuck inside a freezer at a bakery in Brooklyn.

So Bosch Refrigeration shares some tips for following safety precautions in a freezer.

Avoid “water puddles” and build-up of melting snow

The floor must be kept dry and the ice in the refrigerator must be avoided, to prevent employees from slipping inside.

Post safety instructions on doors

Paste safety and security instructions on refrigerator doors and check them regularly. Staff can also cooperate when entering the refrigerator to be careful.


Regular cleaning of cooling systems reduces the risk of mold or mildew build-up.

“Don’t overload the shelves”

Not only does an overfilled refrigerator become less efficient, but overloaded shelves can collapse due to the extra weight. It can fall on employees while they are at work, which increases the risk.

Jackets, hats and gloves

Cold weather clothing can be placed near the walkway unit to the refrigerator. Wearing these clothes and equipment will reduce the risk of circulatory problems for your employees and they will be more comfortable while working.


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