A strong storm cuts off electricity from thousands of homes in California

strong storm cuts off

Tens of thousands of residences and businesses in northern California were plunged into darkness on Friday, due to the treacherous weather conditions brought by heavy rainfall and strong winds. More inclement weather is expected this weekend, so officials are urging people to be prepared for any disruptions.

The National Weather Service has forecasted a vast amount of rain, up to 15 centimeters in some areas. This deluge could potentially cause flash floods and landslides, so it is advisable to stay vigilant and prepared for the possibility of natural disasters.

The government department highlighted that in addition to intense rains, the Sierra mountain range can expect 30-90 cm of snowfall this weekend. Earlier this week, a survey reported that around 30-45 cm accumulations had already been logged on the mountainside.

Following a violent storm system that descended upon the area with devastating force, a dire forecast has been made. Substantial rains and winds swept across the land for two days, as well as heavy snowfall in some areas.

On Friday morning, the American “Poweroutage.us” website reported that a stunning 60,000 dwellings and businesses still lacked electricity as a result of inclement weather conditions.

Tragedy has struck the state over this past weekend, as six individuals were killed due to inclement weather conditions. Most heartbreakingly of all was an infant who lost their life when a tree fell onto a mobile home in the northern part of the state.

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