People always consume cannabis, thinking that it is the product that provides them the relief from their pains and stress, but they don’t know the fact behind the ingredient which gives them this immense pleasure. It is the THC present in the cannabis that provides you the immense pleasure whenever you consume cannabis. It is an active ingredient present inside the cannabis, which binds up with the neurosensory to slow down the brain’s functioning and gives the relaxation effect.

Cannabis is mainly consumed in the form of smoking with nicotine. It decreases THC’s effect in the body as the active ingredient because burning does not allow the THC to consume properly. When you use a THC vape cartridge instead of the burning of the cannabis, it will heat the cannabis, and due to this heating, the vapor is produced that helps to provide a better effect of THC.

Process of vaping cannabis

If you are using a vaporizer, either it is a portable one or a desktop vaporizer, the step that you have to follow to vape a weed is:-

  • First of all, you should get your vaporizer fully charged if running on a battery source. Suppose it is electricity based then you should plug-in sometime before the consumption of the CBD.
  • Some of the vaporizers are oil-based, and some of them require solid substance. If you are using a solid substance, then you have to grind the product perfectly. This grinding will help you to take full use of the THC active particle.
  • Now pack the grinded particle in the herb chamber. It would be best that you should not load the herb too hard to allow the airflow. It will allow for better heating of the product.
  • Turn on the battery of the device and set it to the desired temperature.
  • After turning on the battery, then you have to leave the vaporizer for around 30 minutes.
  • After 30 minutes, you should take the first puff.
  • Now slowly and slowly, you should take some gentle puffs.
  • Now start dragging some large puffs till your lungs are filled with the vapor and exhale.
  • Within a few minutes, you will start feeling the effects of the cannabis you are inhaling.

Points, you should remember while cleaning the vaporizer

After every session of dragging, you have to clean the Steam Engine vaporizer thoroughly. Cleaning the vaporizer properly so that the product never contaminates and always getting the best feeling while vaping the process. While cleaning, you should take care of the following points:-

  • Whenever you are cleaning the vaporizer, you should take care that it is off and is cool enough.
  • Always remove the mouthpiece of the device before cleaning.
  • You have to clean the left out products in the chamber with the help of cotton plugs.
  • With the help of alcohol and a cotton bud, you need to clean the chamber. It will disinfect the chamber properly.
  • You have to dip the pipe within the alcohol to clear the path of the vapors.
  • To clean the mouthpiece, soak it in alcohol, wipe it, and rinse it with clean water.
  • Before storing the parts, you have to clear it with a clean cloth.
  • Due to cannabis resin, you will notice that the storage bag gets discolored. You should replace that bag to ensure the long life of the vaporizer.

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So if you are also thinking of enjoying your cannabis consumption process, you should try vaping instead of smoking it as the THC activates more in the vaping. Also, you have to take care of How you have to take care of your vaporizer to derive the highest value from your cannabis product.

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