Medical practitioners wear surgical masks daily to guard against infection, but consumer demand for them increases at different periods, such as when news about the spread of diseases like the coronavirus breaks. It’s worth noting, though, that not all masks are made equal, and some don’t offer any protection at all.

Which Surgical Masks are the Safest to Use?

Certain masks are more suited to high-risk situations than others. It’s crucial to realize, though, that a mask won’t protect you from COVID-19 on its own. To protect the wearer, masks, gloves, and other PPE are required, as well as fundamental measures such as hand cleaning and not touching the face. It’s also critical to saving the most protective masks for healthcare professionals who spend extended periods in the most contagious regions.

Masks of Various Types

Surgical masks are divided into four ASTM certification categories based on the amount of protection they give to the person wearing them. Face masks with the bare minimum of protection are designed for short operations or tests that do not include fluid, spray, or aerosol.

· Level 1 face masks, which have a fluid resistance of 80 mmHg and are commonly equipped with ear loops, are the industry standard for both surgical and procedural applications. They’re designed for low-risk scenarios when no liquid, mist, or aerosol will be present.

· Level 2 masks offer a barrier against mild to moderate aerosol, fluid, and spray with a fluid resistance of 120 mmHg.

· Level 3 face masks have a fluid resistance of 160 mmHg and are designed for significant exposure to aerosol, fluid, and spray.

It’s important to remember that surgical masks and surgical respirators are not the same things. Masks are designed to protect the face from splashes or aerosols (such as moisture from a sneeze), and they are designed to fit loosely on the face. Respirators are designed to filter airborne particles like viruses and germs while also providing a seal over the mouth and nose. When patients have viral illnesses or are exposed to particles, vapor, or gas, they should use a respirator.

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Listed below are some surgical masks manufacturers

1. Cardinal Health surgical masks manufacturer located in Dublin, Ohio, sells surgical and procedural masks, as well as surgical masks with face shields that meet ASTM levels 1 and 3. The firm focuses on medicines and healthcare goods.

2. 3M surgical mask manufacturer offers tie-on surgical masks, some with face shields, as part of their medical goods in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Scrubs, drapes, tape, skin prep, closures, antimicrobial dressing, and post-operative dressing are among their other surgical products.

3. Masks, including procedural, surgical, and N95 masks, as well as face veils, filter, pleated, and children’s masks, are available from Kimberly-Clark surgical mask manufacturer in Irving, TX. Surgical masks in ASTM Level 2 and 3 are available from them.

4. The headquarters of Medline Industries is in Northfield, Illinois. This surgical mask manufacturer firm sells surgical masks with ties and face shields, as well as fluid-resistant procedural masks with and without shields, hypoallergenic surgical masks, and chamber-style masks.

5. Owens & Minor surgical mask manufacturer based in Mechanicsville, Virginia, sells antifog, visor less, and connected visor surgical masks, as well as procedural masks with and without visors. They don’t use natural latex rubber in their masks.

6. Ansell surgical mask manufacturer offers sterile and non-sterile tie-on and looped masks, as well as veils, some of which have splash visors. Type IIR surgical masks with medium splash protection are also available from the business.

7. CrossTex International, based in Hauppauge, New York surgical mask manufacturer offers ASTM level 1, 2, and 3 surgical masks, as well as minimal and poor performance options. Face shields, barrier robes, hand cleansers, and patient towels, bibs, and liners are all available.

8. Prestige Ameritech surgical mask manufacturer situated in North Richland Hills, Texas, manufactures surgical and N95 masks, as well as face shields, spectacles, and visors, all of which are produced in the United States. They also sell machinery for producing disposable surgical supplies.

9. AlphaProTech surgical mask manufacturerdistributes goods in the United States, including medical and roofing materials, in Westchester, Pennsylvania. It sells N95 respirators, masks with and without shields, veils, and other medical personal protection equipment.

We hope that now you have a better understanding of the basic facts and descriptions of surgical mask manufacturers that are recognized by the US Centers for Disease Control, by reading the above points you will be able to find the masks that you need more easily. Not all masks are made equal or with the same materials, some masks don’t even offer any protection at all. We have provided detailed information about CDC-approved masks and the surgical mask manufacturers who make these masks in this post

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