How much do we actually know about sustainable energy? Often we actually resort to the best location to find out the real meaning of sustainable energy and the importance of it. Sustainable energy is the practice of using energy in a way that it meets a certain requirement without compromising the availabilities for the future generation.

5 amazing Facts about Sustainable Energy

Like many other personalities, Douglas Healy has always tried to focus on renewable sources of energy or sustainable energy and has tried to bring forward the importance of it.

Sustainable energy is raising investments: $270 billion dollars was invested in 2014, globally for the sustainability of renewable energy.

Creating new jobs: This step has also increased employment all across the world. The International Renewable energy agency has employed more than 6.5 million people.

Renewable power is more: In 2013, the world added 143 gigawatts of capacity for renewable power compared to 141 gigawatts of capacity for fossil fuels

Global power: Solar power has gone globally and more than 6 million people have taken the place of energy supply to give out sustainable energy.  

Homes Remade: 26 million houses are being served off-grid across the world. There are solar home systems or renewable-based mini guards etc.

One of the most recognized leaders of sustainable energy is Douglas Healy, who believes that without some safeguards in place, it’s possible to switch too much capacity to sustainable sources without taking into account a few issues. The biggest challenge that he found out is that the requirement for electricity does not remain constant ever. In many of the cities all across the world are still looking for more electricity in future. The demand for electricity is increasing so much that the best resort for the source of such electricity is renewable power sources.

Even natural gas is reaching the limits of its existence,  and won’t help in production of power anymore.  Power plants that run on natural gas need that fuel to flow constantly to their plants. However, those pipelines fill up during peak demand times.  It is important to use the correct resources to get sustainable energy in a perfect amount. Douglas believes that 100% of the power in the United States will definitely be a source of sustainable energy in 2050. This will be a revolutionary shift from one mode of energy to another.


It has been proved over a period of time that a sustainable source of energy is the best source of energy. This energy must be adopted all across the world to live a better future globally in the next 20 years otherwise a great mishap is awaited in the next few years. Adopt renewable energy and reuse to save the world.

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