Sylvester Stallone reveals a strange wish for his daughters’ future

Sylvester Stallone reveals a strange wish for his daughters' future

“I hope my daughters become spinsters”… Sylvester Stallone made a comment that some may find concerning about his daughters and their marriages. He expressed a wish for them to stay living in his home with him.

This statement came during his guest appearance with his wife and three daughters on Live Speaking to co-host Hoda Kotb, as part of the promotion of his new reality show, The Stallones, which is expected to start airing on May 17.

During the television interview, Sistine (24 years old) mentioned that young people flee from her when they know that she is the daughter of the action star, so they refrain from communicating with her again, jokingly saying: “It is very scary for most people, when young people meet him they never return.”.

As a result, her sister Sophia agreed and even indicated that her father does not welcome strangers for dating, so Sylvester was quick to talk about his reservations about his daughters’ dating meetings, stressing that he trusts his girls, but does not trust the intentions of other men.

And his wife, Jennifer Flavin, added that their daughter Scarlett’s friend had been accepted, as he was a nice young man, and he agreed with her father permanently. Stallone interrupted, “I hope they turn into spinsters. I’m working on them staying in my house forever.”

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