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investing in real estate mistakes

Catastrophic mistakes buyers make when investing in real estate

Do you have extra wealth pouring out of your accounts and you want to put it to good use? Well, refrain from...
Mobile Home Parks

6 Strong And Powerful Reasons To Investing In Mobile Home Parks

Property investing can be a tricky business at times and full of risks, especially financial ones. The traditional property market of regular...
Choose Mobile Homes

Why Mobile Homes? 10 Reasons That Will Convince You To Choose Mobile Homes

Today millions of people across America are opting to live in mobile home parks, as there are just so many advantages over living in...
Real Estate Technology

6 Real Estate Technology Tools Every Home Seller Needs

Every house in the world reaches a point in its life (often, more than once) where its owners are looking to sell the property...
Uplift Real Estate Market

Five Government Measures that Can Uplift Real Estate Market in 2020

The year 2019 has been disappointing for the real estate sector, failing to witness any major revival. With home sales continuing to...
US and UK Real Estate

5 Similarities Between the US and UK Real Estate Systems

While there are a large number of differences between the approach to buying a home in the US and the UK, there are...
CRM for Real Estate

Why Should You Integrate CRM for Real Estate Agents

Businesses are built on relationships, and real estate is not an exception. It is among those businesses that require both the client and the...
Corporate Management

Everything You Need To Know Body Corporate Management (Strata Management)

Body Corporate Management or Strata Management is a specialist area of real-estate management that deals with the day-to-day running and management of real-estate...
Social media skills for Real Estate Agents

Social media skills for Real Estate Agents

More and more real estate professionals are asking me what they should do in social networks, how to participate and talk.