The situation in the bundesliga table of results  had been changing throughout the previous season. And it concerned not only the struggle for gold medals, but also for places in the European cups zone, as well as for staying in the elite division.

Due to this level of competition, the German championship has managed to reach a brand new level, as many fans have already managed to make sure of. Against the background of unstable Bayern and Borussia, Leipzig became one of the most monolithic teams of the previous season.

In the results table of Bundesliga, the team finished at the third position and, at the same time, managed to reach the German Cup finals. Despite the fact that they didn’t win any trophies, the season can be called quite successful for the club, because it qualified for the Champions League.

Now, Leipzig will play in the most prestigious club tournament of the Old Continent, where there are high expectations for it. Unfortunately, the team failed to meet those expectations during its first time in the League and left to the Europa League after the group stage.

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