The temperature in the coldest city in the world reaches minus 50 degrees Celsius

The eyelashes of its inhabitants freeze!

temperature in the coldest city in the world reaches minus 50
Yakutsk, located about 450 kilometers south of the Arctic Circle. / Shutter Stock

The city of Yakutsk in eastern Siberia, which is considered the coldest city in the world, recorded a drop in temperatures that reached -50 degrees Celsius (minus 58 degrees Fahrenheit), during an unusually long cold wave.

CNN said , Tuesday, January 17, 2023, that January is the coldest month in the city, adding that although residents of this remote area are accustomed to freezing temperatures, they take extra precautions to keep warm.

“You can’t resist, either adapt and dress accordingly or suffer and drive,” Anastasia Gruzdeva, a resident of Yakutsk city, said in a statement to Reuters. 

“I have mittens and a scarf. Warm shoes are a must. And you need to cover your head. This is all very important! Pants too, because the area of ​​your body that loses heat the most is the leg. So I wear thick clothes,” Gruzdeva added.

Layering, according to another resident who sells frozen fish at a local market, was key. “I just wear layers of warm clothes, like cabbage,” she said.

Yakutsk is home to just under a million people, and winters can be harsh, even by Russian standards, and in 2018 it was so cold in the city that some residents said their eyelashes froze. 

The city attracted international attention in July 2022 when haze from nearby bushfires engulfed the area in thick smoke.

Scientists have expressed grave concern about the increase in the frequency of fires caused by climate change in Arctic Siberia.

The city of Yakutsk, the capital of Yakutia Province, is located in the far east of Russia within the Siberian region, as it is no more than 300 km from the North Pole, and is famous for being one of the coldest cities in the world.

Usually, the average temperature in Yakutsk in winter is 40 degrees below zero, as it is characterized by a long and bitterly cold winter, and a short, moderate and warm summer. Yakutsk is also the largest city built on permafrost.

This city is dominated by snow, fog, and dry air to impose on people things that may seem strange to us, but they are normal for them as they help them survive.

The majority of the population depends mainly on fish for nutrition and to compensate the body for vitamin D, which is missing in the winter due to lack of exposure to sunlight. Therefore, you will see a large fish market in the ice city.

The most prominent characteristic of this market is that all fish are sold in the open air, as sellers do not need refrigerators, since the extreme cold keeps their fish frozen all the time.

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