What are temporary building structures? These are multi-purpose structures that are portable and offer protection under harsh weather conditions. They are also used to enhance accessibility to a facility that is being constructed, and at the same time ensure that workers and staff are well secured.

In case you need to expand the working space for your company or organization, you can opt for temporary buildings since they are efficient, cost-effective and reliable. You can either choose to buy or rent – it all comes down to what you’re comfortable with. Some of the temporary building structures are used in:


These types of structures are spacious and are mostly used by automobile auctions and car dealers to hold many cars at a go. Such a temporary structure is essential as it;

  • Shelters vehicles from elements such as dirt, rain, scorching sun, rust, etc.
  • Enables a quick and easy assemblage of cars since it does not require a foundation to be constructed
  • Helps to carry out smooth vehicle maintenance

Barns used in farms

Temporary building structures such as barns shelter farm animals and protect them from harsh weather conditions. In such a case, a portable shelter is an excellent option to go with as it is relatively cheaper. You can even save extra energy and cash with reliable pole barn insulation.

The structure provides shade and a conducive environment for the livestock, thus protecting them from the intense solar radiation and keeping the animals healthy.

Temporary greenhouses for cultivation purposes

Greenhouses are used in large-scale farms for the production of crops under controlled environmental conditions. To allow light for the growth of plants, tension fabric buildings employ the use of fabric that is translucent. The material is usually robust enough to let in enough light needed to grow crops indoors.

Airplane hangers

Temporary structures are also used to hold airplanes that need repair and maintenance services, especially in areas where aircraft hangers are not found. The temporary airplane hangars are designed to withstand heavy rains and snow and hail.

Fabric pool enclosures

With temporary building structures, you can now give your swimming pool a nice fabric enclosure. This provides warm temperatures all year round to enable swimmers to enjoy the sporting activity throughout the year. As an added advantage, this type of attachment is more affordable as compared to other permanent swimming enclosures.

Portable tent shelters

These structures are quick and easy to assemble and can be done by many people, regardless of the experience regarding handling. Also, the installation doesn’t take much of one’s time as it only requires a few hours to get the shelter standing and ready for use. Getting a temporary fabric tent for sale will also help you to move it quickly from one place to another since no concrete foundation or slab is required to set it up.

Disaster relief stations

For these kinds of stations, temporary structures are used because they can be easily dismantled and set up in other locations in case of a disaster strike. They are easy to build up and therefore help save time, money and lives.