Thailand is international open markets or we can say it’s a market paradise for shoppers around the world. It has many markets some are big and some are small let us explore them one by one. Even though, all of these markets are also explored by the cheap thailand tour packages services providers

Bangkok’s Chinatown:

It is the most famous market in Thailand also called Sampeng Market in the local language. It has narrow and busy lanes full of street food carts on each side of the road. You can easily spot many transport dollies coming and going through narrow lanes. This market has everything from a vast variety of street food to everything like fabric, electronic items. It’s a wholesale market so shopkeepers from Thailand come here to buy things in bulk and resell them at other parts of the country, so one can find things here in discounted prices as compared to other cities

Chatuchak weekend market:

It is the most crowded market in Thailand it has a temporary stall of the shopkeeper in front of Permanent showrooms. It is crowded because of its low price stuff. It has a very thing from a needle to sophisticated electronic items.

Pratunam Market:

This is located in Bangkok and has enough wide roads as compared to other markets. It is some sort of high profile market deals mostly with clothing. Cloths from lower range to higher range are available at wholesale market price. Since the fabric is available with discounted prices, you will find business groups from Thailand and other countries making deals of bulk orders to resell them their own countries.

Saphan Phut:

This is the night market of Bangkok failed to attract much of the shopper, maybe because of its timing, this market is available from 7 pm to 2 am. It has the latest trends and style of clothes mostly attracted by the young. This market mainly deals with clothing only.

Khlong Toey Fresh Market:

It is the busiest market of Thailand having fresh vegetable, fruits, and meat. You can find everything you required for a kitchen or for a restaurant. This market supplies food to whole of Bangkok and thus become a lifeline to Bangkok. Vegetable and fruit stall all over the market and butchers are cutting the fresh slice of meat are common sights.

Wang Lang Market:

It is the most lovable market for foodies. It has vast variety of cheap street food which is spicy and delicious.  It has cheap restaurants also.  This market is famous for its deep fried pork and coconut foods. Food lovers come here to satisfy their spicy food urges.

Floating Markets:

There are Five floating markets in Thailand. Floating market is Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, Amphawa Floating Market,  Talin Chan Floating Market, Khlong Lat  Mayom Floating Market and Bang Nam Pheung  Floating Market. An interesting thing about this market is that shopkeeper, buyer and the shop are all on the boat. But now a day’s these markets are eliminating and have only tourist specific activities.

Banana shop markets:

These markets have a banana and other things liked by the monkeys. These markets are flourishing in front of temples where devotees buy a banana for the monkeys. In Thailand there are around 35ooo temples and monkeys are treated as God’s. These markets have a fresh supply of bananas and other fruits round to clock.

Flower Market:

Flower market also called Pak Khlong Talat market is in Bangkok. This market is famous for its beautiful flowers. In this market, people can also buy vegetables and fruits but mainly it has flowers.  This is the biggest wholesale and retail international market of fresh flowers.

Phuket Sunday Night Market:

 This market is situated in Phuket and famous for second-hand products of all varieties. People here come for buy as well as sell their used good condition products. From clothes, shoes and electronic items everything is available here.  Some products are like ever new, you can’t figure out them to be old and used.

Asiatique The River:

This is the night market and a mall. It has all the famous branded stores and restaurants. This market is famous for its night shows which include Thai puppets performance and classic dances. It is quite entertaining. People here also enjoy Thai food.

There are many more markets which can be explored by visiting only, It is a saying in Thailand that if you stay for a decade in this country then only you can have familiarization with all the markets of Thai. In case you are going to travel Thailand you must check whether all these markets will be explored in your Thailand tour packages.

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