Lamps are as common in Australian households as any other appliance or piece of furniture. After all, sometimes you want softer, more ambient lighting rather than harsh ceiling lights always providing illumination.

Most commonly, lamps are plugged into the mains power supply via a power cord. While this is fine and it’s standard, AC operated lamps are not the only lamps around. Battery operated lamps have seen a surge in popularity in recent times and for good reason. We’ll be taking a look at the benefits and advantages of using battery operated lamps in this article.

Battery Operated Lamps Are Far More Mobile

Mobility is one of the biggest advantages battery powered lamps have over their AC powered counterparts. You can use a portable lamp practically anywhere you desire.

One example would be taking battery powered lamps on a camping trip, or if you want to sit by the water with your significant other and have a romantic evening without the breeze constantly blowing out the candles.

Another scenario would be using these lamps to illuminate an area outdoors at night where no regular lighting is available. You can even keep a battery powered lamp in the car in case of emergencies, or any other time you may wish to use it.

Mobility is a major plus when it comes to lamps that are battery powered.

There Is No Power Cord Getting In the Way

Rechargeable table lamps don’t have annoying and unsightly power cords attached to them. For this reason, they look more attractive as well as being more practical. You can place your battery operated table lamp anywhere without the power cord becoming cumbersome and no nearby power socket is required to operate the lamp.

Ordinarily, if you wanted to use a regular lamp and where you need to position it is not near a powerpoint, you would then have to run an extension lead from a socket to the lamp’s location. Not only does this look messy, it means there’s more chance somebody may trip over that cord, resulting in an accident.

Without cords, these lamps are much quicker and easier to set up, no matter where you locate them.

Having no power cord attached to your lamp is another major benefit of note.

Save Money On Your Electricity Bills

If you’re using rechargeable models of battery powered lamps, how long a battery powered lamp lasts on one charge will vary from model to model. But the good news is, you’ll save money on your power bills when you use lamps that are battery operated. The reason being is that, even though you have to recharge your lamp from time to time, you don’t have to have it continuously plugged into your mains power supply. Therefore, battery operated lamps use less electricity overall.

Anything you can do that reduces your home’s electricity consumption is both good for the planet as well as your power bills.

Put Battery Powered Lamps In Wardrobes

Wardrobes are notoriously dark places at night and even the overhead ceiling light may not adequately penetrate that darkness. This makes it difficult to view the clothing hanging in the wardrobe and make selections.

On the other hand, if you place a battery operated lamp inside the wardrobe somewhere, either on the floor or a shelf, suddenly your clothing is illuminated and you can actually see what you are doing.

The same can apply to other areas in the home where it’s hard to see, such as a storage shed, in gloomy corners of a room and so on.

You’ll Have Light Even If the Power Goes Off

This is a huge advantage of having lamps that run on battery power. In the event of a power outage, rather than your entire home being plunged into darkness and relying on torches and candles to see by, simply switch on your battery powered lamps and enjoy more than adequate lighting while waiting for the power to be restored.

No more needing to use dangerous candles which can be a fire hazard.

The Takeaway

In many ways, battery powered lamps provide practical and cost-effective solutions to lighting problems. These days, there is a fantastic range of battery operated lamps on the market to suit everyone’s style and lighting situation.

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