The benefits of using a Speakers bureau


Getting the right speaker who will motivate your audience and make you realize the end goals of the event is not an easy task, especially when you do it on your own.

However, getting a Speakers Bureau to do it on your behalf is a sure way of getting the speaker’s contracts, and travel arrangements done in time. Now, when you have everything in order and right in place, the event will be a success.

Therefore, you should never underestimate the power of a bureau and think that they are not the best fit. Among the benefits that you will enjoy with access to the right bureau include the following:

They are well-connected

You are looking at a big organization that has unlimited access to not only your region but across the globe. Well, if you need something more than just a 60-minute talk, these bureaus have you covered.

The best thing is that within your budget, you can have more than one keynote speaker in a single event. The bureaus have built deep connections and they are capable of bringing anyone you wish on the planet.

They save time

Instead of spending sleepless nights drafting and sending proposals to people that you hardly know, to come for your event, the bureau does this for you. The bureaus allow you to concentrate on other aspects that will make the event a success.

You can focus more on securing a venue and other equipment as the bureau has your back on making plans and arrangements for the keynote speaker. I believe this is the core of the event that you don’t want to go wrong in, at all costs.

They are experts in the industry

Bureaus will link you to the right talent that you need for a keynote speaker. They don’t just bring up a celebrity because you asked them to do so. Their expertise in the industry will see them heed to all your demands, specifications, theme, and goals.

In other words, bureaus will join you as a companion and partner in making sure that you realize that dream event you have been planning for ages.

They can schedule pre-event calls

At times, you may just be lucky that Santa comes knocking on your door quite early. The bureaus can book a prominent keynote speaker for your event; the speaker might be bigger than the event itself.

Amidst anxiety and anticipation, you may not be sure if the speaker will really make it up to you in the first place. Bureaus will always schedule pre-event calls between you and the speaker, where you can both discuss the theme at deeper lengths for the speaker to prepare adequately.

They have a platform for risk-mitigation

Not once or twice, it has happened on several occasions that the highlighted speaker cancels the booking either at the last minute or fails to show up on the day! Most speakers, especially celebrities, may give you flimsy excuses such as events clashing with other programs.

Now, you don’t want to throw money on attorneys to follow up on a contract that you didn’t have a clear grasp of the clauses in the first place. That is where speaker bureaus come into place and to your rescue.

Bureaus are resourceful and well-connected in the industry. To protect the image of the event, they will find you a replacement in the next minute who will fit well for the event. Such relief is heaven-sent; if you know how difficult it is to control a charged crowd.

They will save you money

It is not fair to indicate that a Speaker Bureau will charge you exorbitant prices when in the real sense, they help you to save on money. Can you imagine flying from Manila, all the way to Dubai just to attend a flopping negotiation with a keynote speaker?

Well, I bet that will be a terrible loss, especially when you have to make other travel arrangements too. The right bureau will charge you only the necessary fees and do the rest of the work on their bills.

For instance, after securing a keynote speaker, it is not within your financial budget to facilitate the negotiations. What many people don’t know, logistics involved in negotiations can be damn expensive in the long run, but still, fail to convince the targeted speaker to come on board.


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