As the holidays come around, it’s time to start thinking of the perfect gifts to give your loved ones. Whether you’re looking for something for a sibling, a partner, or a friend, finding the best gift can always seem a bit impossible. While there might not be one perfect gift for anyone, buying someone a new accessory of any sort is sure to be appreciated.

Accessories are versatile and style able which is why, when searching for a gift for someone, they make a great option. You can use it as a last resort or your go-to gift item. Either way, here are some accessories that anyone is sure to love.

#1. Sunglasses

Everyone needs a pair of trusty sunglasses. Whether you live in a tropical area where it’s sunny all year round or you live up north where you only see the sun for half the year, sunglasses always come in handy.

There are so many fun styles to choose from, too! Rose tinted sunglasses are a fun, fashionable choice and polarized sunglasses are a stylish, practical choice. You can find sunglasses that come in fun shapes or the classic aviator style. No matter who you’re shopping for, sunglasses and a sturdy case to go with are a reliable option.

#2. Jewelry

If you’re shopping for someone who likes to dress up an outfit with a gold necklace, some shiny rings, or an armful of bangles, getting them jewelry to add to their collection is a great idea! Jewelry is easy to match with any outfit which makes it practical yet still personal.

When going with a jewelry option, you might want to pay attention to what jewelry they already have. Some people prefer to wear either only gold or only silver, whereas others will happily wear either color.

If you aren’t sure about their preferences, make your best guess or choose jewelry that isn’t metal. Wooden rings are a new trend and beaded bracelets are a trusted classic. If you think you know what they’d like but aren’t sure where to look, here are some pieces that are sure to impress.

#3. Watches

Whether you’re shopping for a man or a woman, an adult or a child, watches are always a fun accessory to gift. Watches can be elegant, fun, or simple which gives you the chance to pick out something just for them.

If you really want to earn some bonus points and extra appreciation, you can even go for a customized watch. There are tons of ways to custom a watch for someone: an engraving, a photograph, or with a special band. You can even find custom Apple watch options if your friend already has one!

#4. Hats


Hats are warm, stylish, and come in all sorts of sizes and styles. Even if you know the person you’re shopping for has a larger head than average, don’t feel like buying a hat is out of the picture. Large-sized hats are trending which means even those with larger heads can accessorize in style!

When it comes to gifting someone a hat, thinking about their style is important. If they wear lots of sundresses, buying them a floppy straw hat is a safe choice. If they like to dress in jeans and are a bit more nitty and gritty, baseball caps are always fun to look for!

No matter their style or head size, gifting your friend or family member a hat gives them a great new accessory to add to their closet.

#5. Tote Bags

Tote bags tend to be used more by women, but there are some very creative unisex and men’s tote bags that make this a very versatile, yet fun accessory to give someone! You can find a tote bag with just about any graphic, quote, or movie reference online for a quirky gift.

Why a tote bag? They can be used for anything. From a day at the beach to an afternoon downtown to a casual date, tote bags can carry a lot and still be easy to hold onto. They’re great for more casual events and will last a very long time.

#6. Scarves and Neckerchiefs

As temperatures drop, everyone starts to look for ways to stay warm without infringing on their style. Scarves a great way to do this and can be worn all throughout the winter months. Give a friend a thick wool scarf or a fun printed scarf to add to their list of winter accessories.

If you don’t live in a cold area, neckerchiefs are a similar, yet less bulky choice. You can add a tied neckerchief to any outfit and wear it all day without looking too overdressed or out of place. You can find locally made silk neckerchiefs, printed neckerchiefs, or vintage neckerchiefs easily and support small businesses in the process!

#7. Purse or Wallet

Purse or Wallet

Even as the world turns towards more digital payment methods, purses and wallets are still a go-to accessory for people all over the world. They also make fantastic gifts! Leather wallets are sturdy and brightly colored purses make great accent pieces. If you want to make your gift a little less cliche, make it customized and they’re sure to love it!

Whether you go with a neutral color or something meant to stand out, purses and wallets are staple accessories and are often used for years and years. To add a personal touch to your gift, tuck a little card inside for them to find or make it a romantic gift by putting a date night coupon inside.

While purses and wallets may seem basic, with a little extra thought, they can always be turned into something sentimental and unique.

Give the Gift of Style

With accessories, you aren’t just giving someone any old present. Accessories add style to everyday outfits and give people a unique way to express themselves. They add the perfect finishing touch to a business casual look or a dressed-up date night look.

Unlike books or kitchen utensils, accessories can be personalized by the person you give them to, making them one of the best gift ideas around.


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