The Best Alberta Activities for Older Adults

Older adults who live in Alberta have a wide range of activities available to them, especially in the province’s metropolitan centres.

Cities like Edmonton and Calgary offer a variety of events and activities for people of all ages, including older adults who live in nearby retirement homes. For more information about retirement homes in Alberta, click here.

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Below, we’ll go over a few activities older adults in Alberta can partake in, including the locations of these attractions and how they accommodate those with limited mobility. 

Visit the UofA Botanical Gardens. 

Older adults living in the Edmonton area can enjoy a day in nature by visiting the botanical gardens owned and cultivated by the University of Alberta. This beautiful nursery is located a few minutes outside Edmonton in Parkland County and features six central gardens of varying origins.

The Senior’s admission fee is only $13.50 for a full day of touring, and the site offers loaner wheelchairs for older adults with limited mobility.

In addition to viewing the gardens, older adults can enjoy a relaxing meal at the Patio Café, which is open during all Garden operation hours. 

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Tour the Muttart Conservatory.

Nature lovers will appreciate all that Edmonton has to offer by way of conservation and wildlife attractions, and the Muttart Conservatory is one of the most popular in the city.

This botanical garden is open all year round. It features exquisite plant displays in its iconic pyramid greenhouses, which are temperature-controlled so visitors can enjoy the site regardless of the weather.

The Senior’s admission fee is $12.95, and for older adults who are hard of hearing, the conservatory offers ASL services so that all visitors can fully participate in the tour.  

Spot wildlife and tour the grounds at the local parks.

Edmonton and Calgary feature beautiful nature reserves and parks inside and outside the city limits.

Elk Island is a beautiful national park located 30 minutes outside Edmonton and acts as a designated nature preserve for Alberta’s breathtaking wildlife. Older adults who enjoy taking nature walks will enjoy the trails, where they can spot many different animal and plant life varieties.

Older adults who require a wheelchair can fully enjoy their visit at Elk Island, as the Astotin Theatre, the Visitor’s Centre and most park washrooms are wheelchair accessible.

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The Astoria Lake and the Shoreline Trail portions of the park feature paved pathways, which are excellent for older adults with mobility issues.

Currently, the Senior’s admission fee is only $7.25 for the entire day.

Edmonton also has beautiful parks inside the city limits, such as Victoria Park, which features skating during the winter, or Giovanni Caboto Park, which overlooks the River Valley close to the city’s Downtown area.

Calgary also has some beautiful parks in the city that feature food stalls and trucks offering varied cuisines, from Japanese to Indian food.

These parks include:

  • Prince Island
  • Bowness Park
  • Fish Creek Provincial Park

Attend a festival or farmers’ market.

Both Calgary and Edmonton feature a large variety of markets and festivals year-round that older adults can enjoy.

During the summer, Edmonton hosts family-friendly music and cultural festivals like the Kaleido Arts Festival and cozy winter events like the All is Bright Festival.

In Calgary, older adults can enjoy an evening of classic blues music at the Calgary International Blues Festival each summer or participate in winter-themed fun at the Big Winter Classic.

Edmonton has many enjoyable markets, such as the Strathcona Farmers’ Market in Old Strathcona or the Downtown Farmers’ Market.

These events offer activities and amenities suitable for older adults, such as seating areas, wheelchair accessibility, and security patrol.

Visit museums and art galleries.

Calgary is a hot cultural spot, boasting several art galleries and museums worth visiting.

Older adults can enjoy amenities such as senior-friendly restrooms and wheelchair access throughout the facilities, allowing them to fully enjoy their outing while taking in all the art and history.

A few highly-rated locations include the Glenbow Museum, The Esker Foundation, and Gibson Fine Art.

Edmonton also showcases some highly-rated museums and art galleries, such as the Royal Alberta Museum, the Alberta Aviation Museum, and the Art Gallery of Alberta, all of which are wheelchair-accessible and feature seating areas for older adults to rest. 

Indulge in afternoon tea.

Older adults who enjoy fine dining or traditional meals may appreciate a traditional afternoon tea with their friends and family. Fortunately, Edmonton and Calgary have a number of spots where older adults can indulge in this luxurious meal.

Some of Calgary’s best-rated afternoon tea rooms include the Café Du Centre, Deane House, and Reader’s Garden Cafe.

Older adults can also enjoy the high-quality afternoon tea service at the Fairmont Hotel MacDonald in Downtown Edmonton. The Art of Cake also offers a tea service alongside their gourmet desserts. 

Spend the day at a recreational center.

Many towns and cities in Alberta have recreational centers with amenities specifically targeted toward older adults. These centres include the Central Lions Recreation Centre and Edmonton Seniors Centre in Edmonton.

Many of Calgary’s recreational centers are also senior-friendly and provide a number of amenities, such as wheelchair-accessible areas and senior-targeted events.


There are plenty of activities that older adults can enjoy in the province of Alberta. Those near metropolitan centres like Edmonton and Calgary can enjoy outings of culture, history, art, music, and nature appreciation. There is also plenty of opportunity to enjoy more indulgent excursions, such as fine dining and afternoon tea service. The next time you plan an outing for the older adult(s) in your care, consider selecting one of the above options to ensure a delightful day!

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