If you think that your private life is inaccessible to prying eyes – you are mistaken. On the Internet, everybody wants to spy upon your actions: advertising companies, organizations, the government, and outsiders. In online mode, they collect the necessary information about your interests, correspondence, hobbies, friends, family, travelings, etc.

Why? Such data makes it easier to control you. Besides, if your data falls into the hands of fraudsters, they may use it against you. For instance, they can blackmail you and even demand a ransom for the safety of your data.

How do they do this? It’s simple. Each site notifies you of cookies, your browser history forms your preferences and native ads, and social network passwords are known to commercial organizations. Unfortunately, the Internet is putting your data in the public domain.

How to protect yourself in the digital age? No doubt, you should carefully select the best privacy tool for working in the network.

This article will tell you about the main points to consider when choosing the best data privacy tool.

The main digital threats

Although the right to privacy exists in almost every country in the world, it is violated day by day. The main threats include the following trends:

Global surveillance

This is a unique technology implemented by major world countries such as the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and many others. They carry out total online surveillance of residents of states to be aware of the mood in society.


As a rule, Internet espionage is the work of Internet service providers. They can access data such as connection time, metadata, DNS queries, cookies, and more. To prevent such Internet surveillance, many Internet clients use VPN services.


Unfortunately, the Internet is a place where freedom of speech means nothing. Many government agencies have a policy of tightening censorship rules, as well as blocking sites with unwanted content. For example, China, many ex-USSR countries, and even some European countries like the United Kingdom.

Malicious ads

Everyone is familiar with these pop-ups. As a rule, the users don’t like them because they annoy attention. Now, such a phenomenon is not just an ad that appears from time to time. This is a special malicious program that performs surveillance functions. Moreover, it can cause irreparable damage to your OS, so you should be as careful as possible with it.

Data Privacy Tool

These are the most obvious everyday threats that you face when carrying out any activity on the Internet.

It’s getting scary, isn’t it? Now, probably, you have a lot of questions in your heads. One of them is what you should use to avoid such digital threats?

In the 21st century, several private tools save you from headaches about Internet security.

In the next paragraph, we’ll speak about one of the best data privacy tool.

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Best data privacy tool: Is it possible?

Today, there are many alternative private tools such as secure messengers, anonymous browsers, encrypted mail, etc. All of them perform their main functions – to protect user data on the Internet.

But you probably agree that it is not very convenient to use private tools separately. The ideal option is when everything you need is in one place and you don’t download a bunch of different apps and deal with each one separately.

Such a tool, a new generation ecosystem – Utopia P2P Network. This is a closed and decentralized system that combines several private tools for secure work in the network.

This is an absolutely anonymous platform that does not require you to enter personal data during registration. Instead, the ecosystem generates a private key consisting of an infinite number of characters. This key cannot be hacked or picked up. It opens access to the ecosystem and personal data storage.

Utopia has implemented a peer-to-peer architecture and abandoned a common storage server for all clients. Now, each user is a peer. It means that he is a user and a data storehouse at the same time.

Data on the server is encrypted using complex and multi-level encryption based on an Elliptical Core and 256-bit AES.


What about features? In Utopia there are several secure and protected features:

  • uMessenger – encrypted messenger that allows chatting with friends and relatives and sending any picture or video file. Plus, each client can send and receive not only text messages but a voice as well and create a private chat.
  • uMail – alternative email that uses a unique encryption technology to encrypt each message. Any user can transmit secret files and documents for business purposes.
  • Idyll Browser – anonymous browser that has been created as a closed system. All needed sites have been added to Idyll. A user doesn’t need to go outside the system to find the necessary file. Each client can create and add new sites using tunnel data technology.
  • uWallet – secure way of finance storage. The wallet keeps a cryptocurrency of the ecosystem – cryptons. Using them, a client can make any payments within the net.
  • Mining Bot – a possibility of automatic mining of cryptons. The bot will earn cryptons during each Internet session via Utopia.

Moreover, there is no censorship or restrictions. It is your personal space for self-expression.


You can’t be absolutely hidden from others in the network. However, you can do everything possible to reduce the risk of data leakage.

So, the choice is yours!


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