Diamonds help you with luxury and expensive jewelry, and they can also be used a good investment option to sell later on and earn some decent profit.

Depending on the initial size and form of a diamond, it is cut and polished into a unique shape that later decides its net worth and market demand. If you’re looking to buy diamonds in the shape of a jewelry or as an investment, you must read about these top 5 diamonds that you can choose from.

Round Shaped Diamonds:

Round shaped diamonds are one of the most common yet beautiful pieces of diamonds. These diamonds are prepared  so that their one side is round and the other is pointed, making the diamond look like a teardrop.

Round shaped diamonds can preferably be used in jewelry (rings in particular) or you can just use them as an investment opportunity.

Oval Diamond:

 While round shape is more like an old fashioned thing, the oval cut is the extension of a round cut. The diamond acquires in the process. Oval cut diamond also exhibits the bow tie effect in the center due to its unique shape and refraction properties. If you’re planning to bye an oval shaped diamond, we suggest you to buy a H colored diamond or more. These type of diamonds you can mostly use in necklaces and earrings.

Cushion Cut Diamond

Cushion cut diamond or old mine cut diamond is one of the oldest diamond shapes in the world. It has been around of almost 200 years. Having a squarer shape with rounded corners, it looks more like a pillow. This cut is also very close to a round cut and was extremely popular in its first days. A perfect cushion cut diamond should have under 70% depth and table.

 A benefit of owning a cushion cut diamond is that jt is about 25% cheaper than a round cut diamond, but looks larger due to its broad face. You can use a cushion cut diamond in rings.

Emerald Cut Diamond:

 Emerald cut diamond, as the name suggests, is cut like an elongated square. This shape resembles with most of the emerald stone cuts, hence the name emerald cut. This cut of diamond also contains parallel steps on the sides of the diamond extending all the way down.

 For the record, only 3% of all the diamonds in the world have a diamond cut, so, they are surely super rare and it’s a luxury to own them. Their unique shape also makes them look a bit larger.

Princess Diamond Cut:

Princess diamond cuts resembles a square and has pointy corners. This is the most popular diamond cut in the current times. These diamonds have 59 to 60 facets which make them even more refractive, brilliant and unique in their own way.

Princess cut diamonds are mostly used in engagement and wedding rings. When buying a diamond, make sure that it is GIA or AGS tested and certified.

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