Jewelry is a wonderful way to finish off any outfit. Don’t save these beautiful pieces exclusively for special occasions. There are many styles of rings, earrings, and bracelets that will work perfectly with your everyday clothing. Any one of these, or a combination of all of them, will help add that little touch of sparkle to your wardrobe that will make you feel stylish and beautiful each and every day. Head over to ARY D’PO and check out their amazing selection if you want get your hands on a new piece.


Earrings complete any outfit, and they can draw attention to your face and hair beautifully. When choosing earrings for everyday wear, you need to look for classic designs. Save the spectacular diamond-studded drop earrings for those special occasions. Instead, you want to invest in something like the classic stud. These come in a variety of metals such as gold, silver, and rose gold. They range in shapes from simple balls to cute novelty designs. Another versatile option is a set of hoops. Hoops add the perfect amount of sparkle and style to everything from your favorite sweatshirt and jeans to that reliable work uniform. Small hoops bring a subtle bit of style to your overall look while large hoops transition nicely from the office to an evening out with friends. You will also find that hoops come in a variety of widths. Try several different styles to determine which you like the most. Some women enjoy a thin wire while others like the chunky appearance of a thick hoop. Finally, you can always rely on a nice set of pearl earrings for any day of the year. Pearls are no longer being saved for formal occasions. With so many sizes and colors to pick from, they have found their place in the day to day jewelry every girl loves.


Most women will wear their engagement ring, wedding band, or anniversary ring every day, but they don’t think about other styles of rings as part of their daily wardrobe. Rings are a beautiful accessory that can represent a special occasion, dress up the plainest of outfits, or help draw attention to a freshly done manicure. Plain bands are ideal for everyday wear, and they can be stacked in a variety of combinations for a new and trendy look. You may want to invest in a nice birthstone ring for daily wear as well. These simple designs add just the right pop of color to all of your clothing options. Another great ring is the family ring. Mom’s love having a reminder of the children close at hand, and a family ring is a perfect way to combine all of their birthstones into one treasured piece. If you aren’t a big fan of your specific birthstone or the idea of wearing more than one stone, the solitaire is the perfect ring for you. Whether you decide on a diamond or a colored gemstone, a solitaire makes a statement without looking too dressy for everyday wear.


Bracelets are cute and fun to wear. Even if you don’t have any other jewelry on, they will bring just the right amount of style and flair to your day to day clothing. All bracelet styles are available in gold, silver, or rose gold, which makes them even more versatile. Bangles are wonderful whether worn alone or stacked, and they have a very casual feel. A simple chain can provide the same classic elegance. For a bit more sparkle, consider the tennis bracelet with its many settings that shine beautifully. Cuffs are larger and can make a wonderful statement when worn with heavier clothing such as bulky sweaters and jackets. A favorite among most women is the classic charm bracelet. These unique designs can be customized to suit your own personal style, tastes, and attitudes by simply picking out the right charms. Alex & Ani bracelets are designed with expandable wire bangles and include a pre-selected set of charms which makes it easy to find the perfect one to reflect your unique personality.

Get into the habit of using these classic jewelry pieces to finish off your outfit every day of the week. You will love the way a few carefully selected pieces of jewelry can brighten up all of your clothing choices.


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