Automotive displays need to be of good quality with long life and should be able to operate even in harsh conditions. For anyone seeking one of the best LCD monitors for a vehicle, Sharp LQ070Y5DG30 (LQ080Y5DZ05), with an 8-inch panel, can be at the top of your buy list.

Let’s observe the specs at a glance. SHARP LCD Monitor. It has a size of 8 inches with a resolution of 800(RGB)×480 (Touch digitizer). The resolution for a car monitor is suitable, as it is just an 8-inch monitor used for Ford Sync3. The content on the screen will be undoubtedly visible and will be crisp and clear. Besides, the display area has dimensions of 176(W)×106(H) mm, and the outline size is 191(W)×120(H) mm. The panel weight is reasonably low of around 447 grams. Therefore, there is no doubt that it is the perfect LCD monitor for Ford.

It is designed and materialled with universal adaptability. In other words, it can work in different temperature and climate. Also, it supports operations in different parts of the world with different climatic conditions worldwide, which is practical and convenient for users, especially when traveling.


The 8inch LCD display monitor comes with some of the inherent benefits. They are:

1. The touch sensitivity of the monitor is functional, and the touch response is sufficient for an automotive display.

2. The company claims the monitor to be dustproof with a glossy surface.

3. The color gamut in the monitor is impressive.

4. Monitor has a long life and can operate well in the high variation of temperature.

5. The viewing angle of this automotive monitor is excellent with low illuminance.


The LCD Monitor for Ford comes with a lucrative price tag of around $128. It stands among the cheap price points monitors with a value for money features and a premium build. If you need the best-priced display monitor with touch screen, Sharp LQ080Y5DZ05  provided by Opuradio is the one for you. It has most stock of brand-new products that all come from original factory to make sure it can offer the lowest price and top quality as an international wholesale company.

Founded in 2008, Opuradio has been one of the world’s leading brands for electronic automotive parts. It supplies OEM Factory original and spare parts for the automotive industry like CD/DVD/Navigation mechanisms, LCD, touch screen, etc. With more than ten years in business, the company has served millions of clients with excellent after-sales service. Opuradio offers the lowest price tag and top-notch quality standing as one of the famous international wholesale companies.


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