The Best Local New York Fashion Brands

The Best Local New York Fashion Brands

Many business stories are to be told in New York; not even half of them are told yet. If only every entrepreneur could tell how they rose from zero to stardom or from glassy heights to the grassy floors, not even every website in the world would be able to tell these tales. But here is a post in celebration of consistency and success, dedicated to randomly handpicked local fashion brands in New York that are worth the hype.


Launched in 2017, this brand has been getting the attention of some prominent persons globally. The brand is characteristically dedicated to making leisurewear fashionable. Overcoming brain conditions and surgeries, Zohar started the brand has been consistent with making dyed, woven, and sustainable, non-toxic wears in New York city.

Nili Lotan: 

Being quite a fashion enigma, Nili Lotan is a fashion brand in New York that makes classic female wears. While some of their products can be worn for various purposes, their niche crosses professional and Harry styles merchandise. Nili Lotan is a namesake label that began in 2003 after many personal struggles and victories in the fashion industry. The brand is only a spin-off of the successful fashion career of the Israeli-born founder.


SVNR was birthed in Brooklyn by Christina Tung. It is an accessory brand that dazzles fashion enthusiasts with aesthetics—the brand medleys new and vintage pearls into its fashion collection. Although the journey is only just beginning, the slip dresses in various shades are also gaining attention. Christina continues to inspire by raising funds to get protective gear for healthcare workers in the line of the Covid-19 crisis.

Viva Aviva: 

Queen of the highlights, the empress of bold colors. and the mantra nation of “if you dress for a party, life will always be one.” The brand started in 2012 by Aviva Falk. The distinctive brand identity includes puff sleeves, full skirts, and multiple colored ruffle dresses.

Pyer Moss: 

Founded by Kerby Jean-Raymond in 2013, the brand has been giving its voice to the Black culture. Being a New York native, the founder understands the struggle of being black, understands the beauty of being black, and the quintessential awesomeness of fashion and its statement. Pyer Moss has been a talk of major shows, including the NYFW, as a unique fashion brand in New York.


Although founded by a Ukrainian designer, Svetlana Bevza, the brand is indigenous to New York. They offer a collection made from ‘cruelty-free’ fabrics. “Faux Reality” has to be their most trendy collection until now. The local brand has been to shows and gathered honors. The brand’s pitch and pride are in the wool and eco-leather wardrobe costume and bags.

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