With time, people have continued to make new developments. In the old days, it wasn’t possible to work on a PDF document. With Wondershare’s PDFelement software, you can edit all your PDF documents. Nowadays, smartphone users are also put on the frontline whenever developers are designing programs. The PDFelement is the best pdf editor for iPhones.

With this program, you don’t need a computer to create or edit PDF documents. It offers an all-in-one PDF solution to iPhone and iPad users. The program allows its users to annotate, sign, and create PDF documents conveniently on your smartphone.

PDFelement app is useful to all classes including students and professionals. It offers an array of useful features and comes with an amazingly easy-to-use interface. This makes it useful to beginners and is also used by professionals in various fields. Whether you’re at work, home, or on the go, you can edit your PDFs using Pdf editor for mac it is robust yet simple workflows.

Main Features of PDFelement.

Like any other product we buy, you need to consider its usefulness. This program comes with amazing features that make it the best compared to the competitor apps and software. Below are the main features of the latest iOS 1.1.6 version of Wondershare PDFelement:

  1. Multi-Language.

You shouldn’t be worried about using this PDF editing program for fear of the language to use. Users can download on the App Store then choose the language to use. It supports up to twelve languages. The app is also available for download on the Mac App Store to ensure the convenience of multiple users.

  1. Cloud Service.

Everybody wants to work on the go! There is no need of filling your device’s space with bulky files. Keeping your files in the cloud is a paramount idea. It makes them save and convenient. PDFelement allows individuals and businesses to access cloud services from any location. Though this was difficult in the past but PDFelement for iOS solved the problem. You can easily transfer your PDF files from your iPad and iPhone to the cloud within minutes. It’s the best solution for anyone who want to transfer files.

  1. Multi-Platform.

Although this platform offers different features, you only need a single account to use all the services. With other programs that only allow you to perform a single job on your document, you will need several accounts to perform different operations. With the PDFelement from Wondershare, you can edit the documents, merge them, or annotate them on a single account.

  1. It Has Rich Functions.

Nowadays, people love to use software with advanced features because they are more useful. Below are the main functions of the PDFelement for iOS.

  1. Editing.

The editing function allows you to add or remove content from your original document. With this feature, you can make corrections to an existing document. You can also add more content to the document.

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  1. Annotate.

If you want to create some beautiful annotations, this is the tool to help you out. It helps you to perform markups using the underline, strikethrough, and highlight tools on this app. You can annotate with sticky notes or the freehand drawing tool.

  1. Merge and Compressing Functions.

You can also merge several PDF pages to create a single document. This is useful if you had prepared the pages at different times. It is always easier to read a single document than to have information on different documents. It’s easier and convenient to store a single document than several documents.

Additionally, it is inconvenient to store large files because they will fill up your disc space. To avoid using a lot of space unnecessarily, you can compress the files to save on space.

  1. Fill-form

PDFelement is the best software one can use to fill PDF forms without affecting the original quality. It makes it convenient to get work done without printing.

  1. Signing.

Adding a signature to your PDF document isn’t difficult with the PDFelement. It allows you to use the Apple Pencil. This is amazing because the signature is handwritten. Signing the form saves time because you don’t need to print hard copies for scanning.

  • Other Functions.

More to the above-listed functions, you can also use the PDFelement for iPhone operating system. You can use it in various forms, search for files, dragging and dropping different items into a page, and in page management.


If you want to use a reliable PDF editor that has a smartphone version, PDFelement is the best. You can use it to delete, rearrange, annotate, or edit PDF documents. It is downloadable on iPhone and iPad devices. Again, there is also a version for Android users. It offers support for various cloud services. You can also use it on Windows and Mac OS.

Compared to most PDF editors the PDFelement is offered at an affordable rate. You can use it with a low monthly subscription. If you want to learn more about the various features of this app or any available updates, visit the 

To know more about the features and the available updates related to PDFelement, visit the official Wondershare website.