It has been several years since marijuana became legal in Canada. However, the culture of cannabis consumption is only on its way. Many people still mistakenly believe that cannabis can be only smoked.

Probably, all these people haven’t seen such amazing things as a marijuana vape pen in Canada yet. They just have to get acquainted with such concepts as cartridges, e-liquids for refilling vapes, etc. In fact, behind these terms, there is a lot of interesting experience and new incredible sensations. So, it’s worth getting into the details.

What Vape Devices Should You Try?

Since a pipe for smoking is not convenient enough, there are several interesting options for replacing it. They are:

  1. Full spectrum dab carts. Those who have already tried them note their usability. Compact size and smart form allow using the device anywhere. Also, you can switch between cartridges with different tastes.
  1. Disposable vape pen with selected flavor. The pen is pre-charged and pre-filled. The handle is comfortable, lightweight, and invisible in the hands. You cannot change the taste of the pen or use it after the liquid runs out.
  1. THC distillate syringe is also disposable. Good for those who like the clean taste and instant effect.
  1. Refillable pens with replaceable cartridges. The best thing about such a device is that its replacement cartridge costs less than a whole pen.
  1. Vape pens with replaceable FSE tanks. A tank is used for e-liquid. The principle of operation is the same as in vape pens: cannabis-based liquid evaporates, and the user doesn’t inhale smoke but only safe and pleasant vapor.

Vape vs. Pipe: What Is Really Better?

The pipe is already a tradition. Everyone has long known how to use it and what to expect from it. But vape devices have something to win you over to their bright side.

  1. Safety. Pipe smoking is a fire hazard, even if you approach the cannabis process responsibly. Nothing burns in the wipe. The liquid evaporates, and you breathe in the vapor.
  1. Easier to start. The smoke from burning irritates the mucous membranes, dries the throat, and can cause coughing. Vape devices produce soft vapor that envelops the throat without causing severe throat hits.
  1. The pipe needs to be prepared. It takes time and skill. The vape is ready to use.

And one more tip: choose a device based on your own experience so you definitely enjoy using it.


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