If you live in an urban area, then you know how much the pain that it can be to get around in your car. Driving is a nightmare. Parking is expensive. It takes forever to get anywhere because so many other people are in vehicles as well. That’s why you have to start thinking outside of your typical vehicle even if you have to push the boundaries of your comfort zone a little bit, and you’ll find that there are far more benefits to approaching transportation creatively than there are detriments.

Check out four of your options. First of all, there are electric scooters that are becoming more and more popular. You don’t even have to buy them! You rent them on the side of the road, drive them where you want to go, and set them down. Then there is also the option of going on foot. If you don’t have to go more than a few miles, why not just buy some good shoes and get some exercise! 

Public transportation is also an option in major urban areas, and once you get comfortable with it, it can be the most efficient route. And then there are wheels with human power. In other words, you can use skateboards, bicycles, or anything else that rolls you through the cities.

Electric Scooters

The most exciting newcomer to urban transportation is going to be the electric scooter. Companies are trying to reduce traffic in cities by having these rentable scooters available. Just be careful that the first few times you try to ride them, you don’t get in an electric scooter accident. They do happen! Especially at first, you always need to buy a helmet and wear it.

By Foot

Traveling by foot in urban areas can be your best choice of every day. You are more present in your surroundings, you get some exercise, you save money on gas, and you get places quickly because you don’t have to worry about getting stuck in traffic. Anything within a few miles of where you live is fair game.

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Public Transportation

If you have to go a little bit further than a scooter or your feet would take you, you can always use public transportation. When you look at the best public transportation systems in the country, they’re always based in urban areas, which is no surprise. The amount of money that public transportation costs will vary dramatically between cities, but as long as you budget for it, it can be much cheaper than having your own vehicle.

Wheels With Human Power

A final option is to use wheels with just the power of your muscles. In other words, you can use a bike in the city, or perhaps even a skateboard. It all depends on how comfortable you are being safe while also cruising pretty quickly through urban environments.


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