Well, if you do not already know, then coconut oil and medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil are both the ones that became popular with your very own keto diet. The characteristics of the two might overlap each other, but they have varying benefits and different purposes. If you are looking for differences between the two, then keep on reading and find out which one is better for you and your goals.

Differences Between MCT Oil and Coconut Oil:

One is better MCT oil vs. coconut oil, Well, both the fat sources are pretty similar if we have a look, but there are varying differences between the two. Suppose you are looking for the good with ketone production and can help aid weight loss, then MCT oil is the one for you due to more fat and less carb composition. If you compare the MCT oil and coconut oil, then MCT is the right one to maintain ketosis and is also known to boost your fat loss by making your metabolism feel fuller for much longer than coconut oil.

On the other hand, if we talk about coconut oil, it is not seen as an ideal choice for the ones doing the keto diet, but coconut oil is known to have various exciting beauty and cooking benefits. You can use coconut oil for cooking as it is considered to be ide to its smoke point which is, relatively high than the MCT oil.

 Now, you must be wondering what the beauty benefits of coconut oil are? Well, coconut oil is a high composition of lauric acid and is excellent in treating acne problems. Not just this, coconut oil is also known to treat itchiness and redness caused by eczema if you apply it to the affected areas. It is also quite hydrating and is excellent for people having dry skin problems.


However, if you consume the MCT oil and coconut oil in moderate quantity, it is pretty safe. However consume it in excessive amounts. Then it is said to cause diarrhea, stomach discomfort, and cramping.

Benefits of MCT Oil:

We have shared some of the benefits that you can get from MCT oil by adding it to your diet for your better understanding. One of MCT oil’s first advantages is that it promotes weight loss by making you feel fuller for more extended periods. Another benefit that athletes or gym freaks can get from MCT oil is that it aids in the fat burning process and reduces the need to consume carbs during a workout. Other than these, MCT is also known to treat diseases like epilepsy and autism.

Benefits of Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil immense health benefits and helps boost cardiovascular health by reducing stress levels and depression. Not only health benefits, but coconut oil also has various beauty benefits too, yes. You can get your desirable shiny hair using coconut oil. Yes, it is proven to protect your damaged hair and make them beautiful by adding shine to them. Coconut oil is also great for your skin due to its hydrating properties and is excellent for people who have dry and itchy skin problems.


By the end of this article, we hope we have helped you with various benefits and differences between MCT oil and coconut oil. Now we hope you have understood that both of them are great for usage but specific purposes. MCT oil is more preferable if you are looking for something for weight loss, whereas coconut oil is more apt for cooking and treating different skincare problems.

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