In the video .. the death of a “rapper” singer on stage in front of his fans

Costa Titch

Concertgoers in Johannesburg, South Africa had no idea that their evening spent with beloved singer Costa Titch would be the last time they’d ever get to see him.

Tragically, the South African rapper passed away at the age of 27 amid his fans as he tumbled from stage while performing in Johannesburg.

During his show, social media footage revealed that Konstantinos Tsubanoglu (better known as Teach) had stumbled and fallen on stage. Fortunately, bystanders came to his aid right away and helped him get back up onto his feet.

After the South African sensation continued to serenade the crowd, he abruptly fainted mid-song at the “Ultra Music” festival in his homeland.

Once he was moved to the hospital, his passing was announced without disclosing a cause. The devastating video quickly circulated across social media networks and hundreds of people expressed their sympathies for the young rapper.

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