The Differences Between Solar Road Light and Ordinary Street Light


Solar road lighting is a new and better option than an ordinary street light. There are some differences between solar road and ordinary street lighting. The list below explains those differences to make sure that solar lighting is an effective alternative for the road lighting system. 

Environmentally Friendly Lighting Technology 

Solar road lighting is an environmentally friendly technology. The technology is the combination of solar and LED technology. This combination creates brighter and warmer light so people who pass across the road can see everything.

Solar lighting technology is using the heat of the sunlight and LED technology makes the solar system maximal.

A particular lighting brand such as Luxman is offering solar roadway lighting product and it is manufactured by mixing the solar and LED light system. You can check the information by visiting the official website,

Supported by Night and Presence Sensor

Solar roadway lighting becomes an efficient lighting product due to the night and presence sensor. The sensor is sensitive enough so it knows the right time to turn on and off the light.

The sensor can also regulate the light output by detecting the presence of an object around the light. It is an effective and efficient system, especially to limit the use of battery power. This system is different than ordinary light in which you still have to turn on or off the system manually.  

Simple Installation 

Just imagine how complicated the ordinary light installation. It takes time and money to build a light system. The case is a difference if the system is replaced by solar road light. The main difference is that you don’t need to connect the system to the traditional power grid.

Because of that, solar roadway lights have a simple installation. Furthermore, the team that installs solar lighting doesn’t have to deal with underground or overhead service. As a result, the team can install the solar light system and feel the benefits immediately. 

Affordable Road Lighting 

Due to the complicated system, it means that the government or people who want to install ordinary lighting have to spend a lot of money. On the other hand, solar road lighting offers a solution where the government or people don’t have to spend too much money to install the system.

Moreover, it is considered an affordable road lighting because the users don’t have to spend money on the electricity bill. The power of the lamp is taken from the heat of the sunlight.  

Low Maintenance 

The solar road lighting is designed with a simple installation and automatic system. Because of the installation and system, solar road lighting is a low maintenance product. You don’t have to inspect the system over and over again. It is durable enough and even there is a problem you can detect and repair it immediately. 

Reduce Night Accidents 

The best part of using solar road light than ordinary road light is on the brightness of the light. Solar road lighting products can manage the brightness automatically by detecting the object under the light. In this case, the light is brighter at night and when vehicles are passing through the road.

Because the light is brighter, drivers can see the road clear and drive the vehicle comfortably and safely. On the other hand, ordinary light doesn’t have such kind of automatic system. The light is constant even at night.

At the same time, the light from the headlight seems not enough to make the surrounding bright and clear. The number of night accidents is also decreased drastically because of the solar road light system. 

Suitable for Most Conditions

Another great thing about applying solar road lighting is that it is durable and working well in most conditions. The system works maximally even in sunshine, rainy days, longitude and latitude, and many more. The idea of this product is how people get enough light so they can see the road clear, especially in bad weather.  

The explanation above shows that solar road lighting is better than ordinary lighting products. The solar lighting system offers more than just brighter lighting. It offers effective power usage to boost safety. This product is perfect for low-light areas, especially the areas for vehicles to prevent fatal accidents. Indeed, solar road lighting technology is a good long-term option.   

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