International travel, especially for leisure and enjoyment, is regaining its pace. If you have been delaying your plans for an international holiday, the time to pack your bags and go jet-setting is just here. However, the pandemic is not over yet and you must be well prepared to travel in the new world.

One thing that has become essential now is international travel insurance. It is necessary to have appropriate travel insurance because airlines are still getting their wings back and health risks are still a concern. Using an online travel insurance premium calculator, you can get the best deals on your required insurance cover. Moreover, the following simple tips will allow you to keep your travel costs low and have more fun on the holiday. Take a look:

  • Make a budget for travel and follow it: The very first thing about saving money is that it is 90% behaviour and 10% calculations. It is important to allocate money on your trip for everything and following that budget. Keep some money for food, some for stay, some for enjoyment, some for local travel and some for enjoyment!
  • Off-season travel: Travelling in the peak tourist season is always a sure shot way to overspend. Since the travel and stay options are always in too much demand, you will have to pay more than desirable charges. Off-season travel will always be cheaper because you will not only be quoted fewer charges, you can also negotiate a better discount in off-season travel.
  • Use reward points on credit cards: Have you checked how much is the rewards balance on your credit card? Most credit card companies allow you to convert reward points to air miles which can be used to get cheaper air tickets.  Some high-end credit cards also have built-in hotel loyalty schemes which can get you discount on your stay as well.
  • Eat-in airport lounges while travelling: When you visit an airport for travel, you should always carry credit cards with you. Many cards allow you free access at airport lounges. All airport lounges have one thing in common – free food and drinks. Over and above, you can also get many features like internet access, shower room and short nap beds as well. If you have a long layover, airport lounge can save you a lot of money.
  • Look for free activities: When you land in a city, always contact a travel and tourist helpdesk of the city. Mostly they will be located on the airport sand are run by the municipal government of the city. You will find that they have a list of free activities as well as discounted passes to various tourist attractions spread across the city. Many cities have also put their lists online and you can book them from the website or simply show up at the spot of walk-in events.
  • Get a hotel room with a microwave: You can save a lot of money on eating outside while travelling if you get a room with a microwave. There are many easy-to-make microwave recipes on the internet. You can be sure that with this cooking method, you will get to eat healthy food and save a lot of money while you are on it.

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Travelling can be made cheaper and more enjoyable with some very small considerations. Get adequate international travel insurance. Always be ready to choose flight deals and try to plan your travel as early as possible for spending less.


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