One of the most important things you need when starting a new business is a great looking website. A website is a great tool that can be used to attract more customers. Making sure the website you have in place is both appealing and functional is a must.

Something as seemingly insignificant as a one second delay in page load speed can lead to a 7 percent drop in sales conversions. Before putting your new website on the market, you need to put it through to the paces to ensure it can perform as intended.

For years, business owners have relied on load testing to give them an idea of what their website is capable of. You can find out more about this type of testing by checking out what is load testing? Examples, tutorials & more. The following are some of the reasons why adequately load testing your new website is so important.

Ensuring The Website Performance Targets You Have Set are Achieved

One of the biggest mistakes most business owners make when building a website for the first time is underestimating the amount of traffic they will receive. While testing a website with a few 100 users is a good idea, it will not give you a baseline idea of what it can truly handle. The only way to find this out is by putting it through the paces with an adequate load test.

A load test will simulate what would happen if thousands of users try to access a site at the same time. Having this information can help you see where improvements need to be made. Neglecting to perform this type of testing is a disaster waiting to happen. Allowing an IT professional to run this type of test can benefit you and your website greatly.

Providing a Positive User Experience is Important

When people visit your business website for the first time, you want to impress them. By providing a person with a great user experience, you can turn them into an actual customer. If the website you provide the general public is unreliable and always crashing, it can lead to your image being tarnished.

This is why taking the time to load test your website before launch is important. With the information from this test, you can clearly see where improvements need to be made. The time and energy invested in optimizing your website will definitely pay off due to the user experience it will help you provide.

Website Performance Targets

Make Sure Your Website is Prepared For an Onslaught of Traffic

If you are like most business owners, one of the main concerns you have is driving more traffic to your website. Doing things like optimizing the content on a website for search engine success and creating marketing videos are a great way to accomplish this goal. If one of the videos you have produced goes viral, you can expect a drastic increase in the amount of traffic you receive.

The last thing you want is to let this increase in traffic crash your website. If this happens, you will lose out on a ton of potential sales leads. The only way to know for sure what your website can handle is by load testing it. If your site crashes during this test, you can increase the power of your servers and bandwidth. This will cost more money, but it is a necessary expense if you want to capitalize on your marketing efforts.

Website is Prepared

Ensuring Changes Made to the Site Won’t Affect Functionality

As time goes by, you will need to change and update your site to keep up with advancements in technology. Whether you update your site with a new content management system or a brand new design, ensure these changes will not affect functionality is important. The best way to check for problems with new website additions is by performing a load test.

If the test leads to the site crashing, you know one of the new additions needs to be altered. Performing these tests before you implement the new changes fully can save you a lot of time and stress.Instead of trying to run these tests on your own, you need to seek out the help of a professional. An IT company will have no problem getting this work done quickly and correctly.