The ring looks good and has a good moral culture, but in all jewelry items, The rings were worn the least frequently, because many people think it is too inconvenient! Some people are because of work reasons, some people are inconvenient to do housework, in short, a ring is always a bit “redundant” when compared to other pieces of jewelry such as necklaces and earrings. Especially when sleeping, if you don’t take it off, once the hand is pressed, the ring will make you feel uncomfortable, and you even worry about the risk of the gemstone falling off the ring. However, there is such a ring that is not only good-looking, but also comfortable to wear. Wear for a long time basically have no “sense of existence”. More importantly, it is simple and versatile, and anyone can control it, it is the aperture ring.

Most rings on the market are inlaid with too many things, and the aperture ring is different. It is only a simple circle and very little decoration. Such rings can generally be divided into two categories: the plain ring and the strip ring. The surface of plain ring is very smooth, without any patterns and inlays, it is a prime circle. Plain ring is a couple jewelry suitable for men, women, it can be seen everywhere in life. Among all the rings, the plain ring is the simplest and most versatile, without any extra design, it is absolutely comfortable to wear. Some plain rings will be set with a diamond on the ring, but if the diamond is too obvious and protrudes above the ring, it is not a plain ring.

Strip ring is also a kind of aperture ring, but its style is more novel, the ring surface and ring is of equal width, looks simple and generous, very popular with young people. The difference between the strip ring and the plain ring is not very big, but the design of the ring is stronger. They are like the difference between the “muddy back” and the “chopstick” in the gold bracelet. Because there is no special decoration, the aperture ring will only make a fuss about the shape. In addition to the simple circle, there are now V-shaped, wave-shaped and so on.

Aperture ring is the most commonly used as couple rings, so its biggest advantage is that both men and women can wear, the overall design will not be too masculine or too feminine, neutral, who is not abrupt. To illustrate the obvious difference, it is estimated that there are some differences between men and women in the setting of the diamond ornament or the choice of color, and the others are basically the same.

Not everyone can have a pair of delicate hands, especially many family women, because of the long-term housework, the hands are easy to become dry and rough wrinkles. Therefore, wearing a pair of rings can set off the hand shape, and wearing the wrong one will highlight the defect. And this is another big advantage of the aperture ring – almost anyone with a hand can control it. The ring can be worn on the finger alone, showing our elegance, or it can be worn in different styles to highlight the temperament.

Some people think that the aperture ring is not beautiful enough. In fact, on the contrary, it is suitable for many occasions, and match all sorts of costumes. This is because the “sense of presence” of the aperture ring is relatively low, and it will not be as arrogant and error-prone as other big rings, but it will play a finishing touch.

sense of presence

Aperture jewelry it’s not just rings that can be so simple, any jewelry can be designed as an “aperture” style, although it looks a bit “cold”, but it can be integrated into any style, and the atmosphere is versatile. K gold series is also a good choice, without complex decoration, and a wider range of options.


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