Cybersecurity is one of the most important topics these days – it’s also something that we should all worry about. There have been several bigger attacks in the last two years and it made the public and the regular people talk and care about their online privacy more. But how exactly does your data get stolen and why?

It may be surprising, but the most common reason for stolen data is the theft or loss of a device. But hacking and malware are not far behind, that’s why it’s so important to monitor the situation and stay vigilant. Malware removal, scannings and security protocols are essential if you want to be safe in the digital world.

Why do hackers steal your personal data?

It all depends on the type of data that gets stolen. Most of them are later sold in underground markets.

  • Personally identifiable information (PII) is the information that helps to identify you. If someone steals it, it can be used to apply for loans and credit cards, to fill income tax returns or to sell it to marketing companies to be used in spam campaigns.
  • If it’s your financial information that gets stolen, a hacker may perform online transactions, pay their bills, get a credit card and transfer your money out.
  • Hackers steal healthcare information too in order to steal your PII or to buy prescription drugs.
  • User credentials are very similar to PII, but this is information that helps to identify you online. When they get stolen, all your accounts are exposed to malicious use. They can be used for spam and phishing attacks, fraud, identity theft or even espionage theft.

Also, when one type of data gets stolen, it’s very likely that the attackers will obtain all of your personal information.

If you want to know more about online threats and how to protect yourself from them, check out this infographic:

Why Your Personal Data Is Hacked


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