Although cosmetic dentistry is mostly sought out to improve the exterior appearance of teeth, its benefits go beyond aesthetics. Many consider cosmetic dentistry a luxury exclusive for the elite and the 1% for the way it’s marketed. As a result, the majority turn a blind eye to the health benefits of cosmetic dentistry and its ability to improve a person’s quality of life. Below we’ll discuss the numerous advantages of cosmetic dentistry and why you should jump on the hype.

1- Fertility

The link between your dental health and the reproductive system might seem one that could have never been anticipated. However, it’s real, and it’s serious. Various neoteric studies conclude that periodontal disease and cavities both have severe consequences on the fertility and general wellbeing of both men and women.

In men, poor dental health can affect the quality of sperm and its health. Whereas in women, gum disease and cavities can cause severe effects during pregnancy that include preterm labor, low birth weight, and gestational diabetes.

Cosmetic dentistry gets people into the habit of dental care by boosting their self-esteem, which in turn motivates the person to feel deserving of self-care. Crooked, discolored, or tooth loss, although natural and shouldn’t carry ant stigma, affects the individual’s self-esteem, often leading to depression. Consequently, the self-esteem of the affected individual deteriorates, causing them to feel undeserving of self-care. It is a vicious loop that cosmetic dentistry could break.

2- Mental health

Emerging studies note that a connection between mental health and oral health does indeed exist. Patients who suffer from depression are more likely to suffer dental problems. Depression can manifest from untreated self-esteem issues, which in turn affects the individual’s lifestyle. Patients who resorted to cosmetic dentistry report an improved sense of self-worth and increased confidence.

3- Digestion and halitosis

The nooks and the crannies may come across as innocuous, but in reality, they’re the silent cause of your discomfort. When your teeth are jammed on top of one another, the surface area of your teeth is the first to be affected. With less surface area for tooth grinding, food isn’t cut into bits the way it should initiating, therefore, digestion problems. Not only can crooked teeth affect your digestion, but they also cause halitosis.

The rifts create a niche for food particles to hide away from the bristles of your toothbrush. Eventually, bacteria will digest on the leftover food releasing pungent byproducts that cause halitosis. Cosmetic dentistry can re-align your teeth, eliminating this problem from occurring again.

In summary

Cosmetic dentistry is often thought to be a vain unnecessary field of dentistry. With its benefits overlooked, many suffer health problems that arise as a consequence of their poor set of teeth that could easily be eliminated through a few visits at the dentist. Depression, digestive issues, halitosis, and fertility are all complications of dental problems that cosmetic dentistry can reverse.

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