If you are planning to buy a house with a swimming pool or have one installed in your backyard, chances are you are thinking whether this is a good investment. When it comes to owning a pool whether indoors or in your backyard, there are expenses or upkeep that you have to put into consideration.

After analyzing the following pros and cons of owning a swimming pool, you can decide whether to go on with your idea of owning a swimming pool or not.

  • The Pros

1. You spend time together as family

This is one of the most advantages of owning a swimming pool in your home. And everybody wants to own a swimming pool for this reason- you swim together as a family. Who wouldn’t want to swim or hang around the pool together with their family members? Nobody right. Many family memories have been made while swimming in the backyard pool. If you are a family person, then definitely a pool is great in your backyard.

2. Pools offer entertainment

Backyard pools provide entertainment for both you and your visitors. During birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc. you can have all these special occasions by the poolside in your backyard. This makes you save money which you have used if you were to celebrate these occasions in places like hotels or restaurants.

3. It’s an exercise facility

The pools are not just about fun and entertainment, they give you the chance to swim professionally. Swimming is known to be a great form of exercise- it keeps your body fit and healthy. Water aerobics is a good way of controlling your weight. Having a swimming in your backyard is also ideal for children who love to spend time at home relaxing and playing around.

4. Having a swimming pool in your home increases the value of your home

Among the many things that you can add to your home to increase its value, nothing is as powerful as adding an outdoor swimming pool. The pool is durable and adds some elegance to your home. It will always attract a buyer’s attention.

This is why real estate companies will always advise you to consider a pool as a valuable asset, the pool will make your life lively and make your dreams come true. It is no surprise that a small house with a pool can get a good market price compared to a bigger house with no pool.

5. Convenience

Having your own swimming pool offers great convenience because you can stay at home and beat the heat without having to get to another location to enjoy swimming. There is nothing that satisfies the mind like refreshing in a pool after a long day at work.

. Cons

1. Maintenance cost

Swimming pools require regular maintenance. For example, you have to keep it clean, repaired, and even the surrounding areas such as gates and decks should be repaired. And you may find out the latest pool vacuum reviews at PoolCleanerLab.

2. Safety

This is also one of the setbacks of having a pool especially if you have little ones. So you have to invest in pool covers and security gates and you should be vigilant as well.

3. Utility bills

Your utility bills will probably go up when you have a pool. You will spend more money on energy costs in regards to the pumps, the extra water use, and filters that require energy.

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