Solar energy has been a resourceful solution to power conservation in homes and commercial firms for years. Investing in a solar panel system is a great choice. However, it’s essential to do your research before making your investment.

Several companies advertise their products with enticing deals in pricing. Such marketing campaigns are often successful, but most clients get the short end of the stick.

Don’t blindly choose a company based solely on the price of their products. Many factors contribute to the price of a product.

Though many may edge towards cheaper products, those more expensive units often have good reasons that back their cost. 

Factors such as the quality of materials used in the components of solar panels influence the price. In addition, the installation process also contributes to the cost. Here are some risks you face with cheap solar products.

Cheap is expensive

The tricky thing about solar is that the quality of your investment most often reflects the returns from the product functionality. 

A cheap solar panel will most probably give you an equally low quality in service. The reverse applies to a solar panel with a high investment: a higher price with better service. 

Many consumers who fall prey to the enticing deals of cheap providers eventually disregard them with a distaste for their product’s quality and performance.

Several assessments performed on cheap solar panel options reveal that the products are often substandard. 

Solar panels with low costs may pose a danger to your household

The installation process of a solar panel system significantly affects its cost. Cheap solar panel providers invest less in the installation process to make their mark up. The process, when executed well, is daunting and saving time is often a primary object for such companies.

A low-cost installation only makes use of cheap parts and unlicensed labour. An unskilled labourer is likely to get the job done without assessing the quality of work. A poorly installed solar panel may have loose wiring or a mismatch of components. As a result, your home is left vulnerable to electrical faults and accidents.

You’re also likely to fry your electrical appliances if you operate a poorly installed solar power system. So it’s best to invest in skilled labour and get professionals on the job. 

Installation shortcuts will cost more

Companies that employ cheap methods to their installations cause a lot of problems. Many users begin experiencing issues with their solar panel systems within the first two years of operation. As a result, such clients are either forced to accrue repair costs or suffer hefty replacement costs.

Moreover, cheap companies don’t give good warranty contracts. Why would they? Their products are not designed to last; therefore, it’s in their best interest not to invest in warranty packages. The warranties provided don’t cater for most of the common mishaps. It’s upon the client to fix their system out of pocket.

If you invest in a cheap panel, you will spend just as much and even more than you would have invested in a good quality solar panel system. 

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To avoid such frustrations, thoroughly assess the deals offered by an installation company. If the deal looks too good, walk away. Don’t hesitate to ask about the products and installation services. Ascertain that the team that handles installation is not only skilled but qualified for the task. Certified documents proving the same and research backing the company’s methods should be enough for you to make a knowledgeable decision. 

Vet your company options wisely as you select the best solar panel provider for your home. Put your money where good returns are guaranteed.

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