Like anything in life, we have a choice in how we feel about our circumstances and how we respond to stress and change. That’s not to say that adverse times are easy to navigate, but they can be more productive when family mediation is part of the resolution. If you find yourself in a family dispute that seems to be escalating deeper than you or your family can control, then you have reached the time to explore family mediation. Let’s discuss what role this positive interaction can yield, and what you can expect from taking part in constructive family mediation. Remember, when you are fighting with your family, there is no win to be had.

Each individual and interest is represented

There can be no fair discussion and mediation without a third party leading you through the process, as you and your family are each invested in your own ideal outcome and will not be able to keep an unbiased perspective. We are all human, after all. Family mediation will leave no member unsupported, which is incredibly important as we are all different and have individual personality traits, financials and values. Not to mention, we all respond to stress differently and one person’s turmoil can be another person inconvenience. It also means that when a decision is agreed upon, it can’t later be argued that someone was acting in their best interests as the playing field is level and fair, and dictated with an experienced mediator.

It sets you on a path to healthy communication

Family disputes can get ugly quick, and without a little bit of structure, you can do more damage than good when you engage in dialogue that isn’t being mediated. These escalations can be hard to come back from. Family mediation establishes the facts of the current situation and sets good communication behaviours in motion that will steadily improve how each of you communicates and makes decisions going forward.

When all parties have been shown how to communicate appropriately and why this needs to be respected, accountability becomes part of the equation, and no one can claim ignorance. If you have children involved, healthy communication is even more important as they are going to respond to these interactions, and you want them seeing the best of you both and emulating that behaviour themselves in the future.

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Commit to a new normal, together

Family mediation isn’t just about gaining clarity in the present, it’s also about forging a new future that spells peace and compromise between all parties. Most couples and families can’t fathom what this will look like, but the trained mediators can establish a new norm that satisfies the needs and desires of all members, providing some much-needed accountability. Think of this as agreed upon boundaries that respect one another, regardless of what your family dynamic might be. The best part is that when these commitments are made, they are then monitored and tweaked at mediation so that issues can be unearthed and resolved so that these habits are going to be adhered to. Rather than arriving at this point in court with all parties not getting the outcome they wish, mediation allows all voices to be heard now and in the future.

Family mediation has a large role to play in carving out a new future for your family and one that shouldn’t be rushed or skipped. Whether you choose to do it for the sake of your children, your mental health or to just start over – you can’t put a price on sitting down with a family mediator and resolving these issues. Don’t become complacent with this financial and psychological state, and start mending the damage.


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