Did you know that a smile doesn’t have to be the result of happiness, but can also be the cause of it? Have you ever thought that a genuine pearly white smile could maybe land you a promotion in your company? Well, if the answer to both of the questions is No, we’re here to reassure you and broaden your horizons. Not only will a genuine smile make you feel happy, but it can also be very beneficial for your career, well-being and even love life. To learn more about this phenomenon, keep reading.

Makes you look confident

One of the main benefits of a beautiful smile is that it’ll make you look more confident. A person who smiles often is perceived as easy-going, with high self-esteem. One of the best examples is seeing a man or a woman you like smile at you, which always leads to you smiling back and thinking how attractive and confident they must be for simply offering you that first smile. What’s more, not only will you look confident to your potential partners, but to your bosses as well, which can in return lead to reaching a new level of your career. Which leads us to the next superpower of a smile.

Makes you look confident

It could get you a promotion

Once your superiors notice that you’re a person who smiles often, which can be perceived as you being satisfied with yourself, you’ll be much closer to a better job position in your company. Bosses love to work with pleasant people who look like they could conquer the world just with their charisma, and that’s precisely why a single smile every once in a while will make you look like you could rule the world. A person who comes to a job interview with a smile and positive attitude is more likely to be hired, unlike people who are serious and stiff throughout an entire interview. So, turn that frown upside down and just wait to see how your life will change because of a single grin.

You’ll build better relationships

Spending time with happy people who smile often is more enjoyable than hanging out with those who rarely give you a little smile. Furthermore, smiling signals friendliness and encourages positive interactions, and everyone will be more drawn to people who display genuine happiness. Having quality social relationships is imperative for a happy life, so if you’ve been refraining from smiling, it’s time you change your habits. If you’ve been ashamed of the way your teeth look, perhaps, think about visiting an orthodontist near you. In case you’re from Australia, you might want to seek advice from an orthodontist in Wollongong and get a professional to take care of your smile.

Makes you healthier

Smiling can be highly therapeutic since it’s been associated with reduced levels of stress hormones such as cortisol, adrenaline, and dopamine. Namely, according to some studies, patients who were smiling during recovery from a stressful situation, had lower heart rates than those who didn’t show any expression. So, what better way to control your stress levels than to smile every time you’re going through an overwhelming period? Furthermore, smiling has also been brought into connection with increased health and mood-enhancing hormone levels such as endorphins and lowered blood pressure. You remember the old saying which states that laughter is the best medicine? Well, it’s true because you can boost your immune system by simply putting a smile on your face. This will eventually make you laugh and produce white blood cells that help prevent any possible infections.

Improves mood

Not only will you smile because you’re happy, but vice versa too. Namely, if you’re feeling a bit under the weather, you should just smile. You’ll see how your mood will shift from low to quite happy with only a single move of your lips. The reason behind this is that the brain associates the way that you feels, and the way you react to those feelings. That’s why you smiling will trick the brain into thinking you’re happy, which will consequently make you happier. Therefore, start feeling the happiness inside you with a simple smile on your face. As Phyllis Diller once said, “A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.” Therefore, don’t hesitate to smile more often and see how your life improves second by second. Not only can you get a better job, but improve your social interactions, boost your health and even improve your mood with a simple smile on your face.


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