The tragic death of Ken Block

Ken Block

The world of social media exploded with the sad news that legendary racer and American rally champion Ken Block had unexpectedly passed away, leaving a gaping hole in the hearts of his devoted fans, motorsport enthusiasts and those who admire good racing.

The death experience was confirmed by Hoonigan Industries, owned by the late, through a post on its official page on the social networking site Instagram.

And it was stated in the post on Instagram that the late 55-year-old died in a skiing accident while driving a snowmobile, and that he was an icon that the world would miss, and she also demanded respect for the family’s privacy in these difficult circumstances.

NBC Sports, quoting officials at the Wasatch County Sheriff’s Office, stated that Block had died at the scene of the accident in a remote area of ​​Wasatch County, Utah, when he was walking down a steep slope and a snowmobile overturned him while he was driving. And I signed it.

It is noteworthy that Ken Block began his professional rally career in 2005, and he won the title of Rookie of the Year in the American Rally Championship, and he participated in the World Rally Championship and won many rally medals in the X Games.

The late expanded his professional framework, co-founding a sportswear company, and produced the Gymkhana video series that garnered millions of views on YouTube, which was filmed from several cities around the world, including Dubai, where he was driving different cars, drifting around them, and parading professionally.