The Ultimate Form of Outdoor Living

Do you like living outdoors where nature’s calming embrace surrounds you? Do you often spend time in the mountains, near lakes, or in the middle of the ocean? If so, why not bring your outdoor experience to the next level by truly living with nature?

Wanting to leave the noise, crowds, and stress of the city behind is understandable. However, if you are actually going to live outdoors, you might as well do it right. There are quite a few options available to you as well. Here is what you can consider for change:

Floating House

Did you know that it’s now possible to literally have a house that floats on water? No, not a boat. A literal house that you can see on land. This is possible due to plastic floating docks. 

No stilts, no posts, no planks. Just a genuine home that is drifting to and fro on the surface. And this doesn’t just apply to houses. You can do this for other buildings, as well.

Floating House

Believe it or not, this is actually quite common in other places all over the world. Many of them are made out of wood. While some are made out of plastic floating docks. You can find providers of a floating platform in china for your needs: you will get quality platforms, and they are cheaper than you would imagine.

So, what are the advantages of a floating house? Why would you want to have that instead of one on land?

For starters, it’s a floating house. It’s pretty much guaranteed that no one in your immediate circle will have one. 

Secondly, it’s more mobile. That means that you can move it around with the right methods. 

Sailboat Living

If a floating house still seems too stationary for you, how about living on a sailboat? Naturally, it would need to be one of a certain size to accommodate you. You shouldn’t need too many amenities if you’re living outdoors, anyway. 

Many vessels come with toilets, kitchens, and living spaces. The great thing about living on a sailboat is that you can literally go anywhere you want. Provided you have the right paperwork, of course. 

Sailboat Living

It’s also an extremely active kind of living. You’ll be sweating and using your muscles pretty much on a regular basis. 

Now, you should know that this is not the easiest lifestyle to choose. Harsh winds, cold climates, strong storms, and large waves will be constant dangers. Then again, this is exactly what you’re looking for, isn’t it?

You’ll be getting the kind of adventures that you are craving, visiting distant lands, and meeting interesting people. 

Just be sure that you learn as much as you can on how to sail and how to take care of a ship first. You don’t want to be stranded in the middle of the ocean because you made a mistake, do you?

Island From Scratch

Finally, you can try living on an artificial island. The idea is pretty much the same as the floating house. The only difference is the size and scope. 

As the name might suggest, a floating island can accommodate more than one house. It can accommodate several buildings, in fact. Some of the most prominent examples even have greenhouses, gardens, helipads, and underground docks. 

Island From Scratch

You can literally have your own piece of paradise. And you can build it from scratch.

This grants you a few key advantages. One, you can design it however you want. Just like with the floating house idea, this option can be built using plastic floating docks. Since they are modular, they can be combined, stacked, tied together, and layers as needed. 

This also means that you can increase the size of your artificial island whenever you want. Did you run out of space and need an area for mini-golf? Get more plastic floating docks and add a few more square meters you can use. 

Naturally, this also gives you plenty of opportunities to be self-sufficient. Since you can expand the area, you can also add equipment to generate energy. Examples include windmills and solar panels. You won’t need to rely on generators, which spew smog this way. 

By living on an artificial island, you can also truly live off the grid. You can move the manmade platform around by towing it with a boat, for example. And then park it somewhere remote. You would then be living off the land or sea. 


Living outdoors doesn’t mean sleeping under a tent forever. It just means being away from civilization. You can still have comfort and safety while still being close to nature.

The suggestions discussed here are perfect for those who want a good compromise for outdoor living. They provide isolation and peace while still giving you shelter and amenities you have gotten used to.


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