When it comes to money, most people can agree on one thing -; they hate to waste it. Because of this, it is absolutely essential to minimize waste and ensure good project management. This is what will help ensure a person can stay on track when it comes to their custom motorcycle build.

For those who are ready to get started with this new venture, there are many things to consider. From getting the right graphics from sengegraphics.com to finding all the right parts and components, keep reading to learn everything about building a custom motorcycle from the ground up.

The First Steps

When it comes to a custom-built motorcycle, there are a few things to keep in mind. For example, it can be beneficial to set a deadline for the build. Make it something that is significant, such as a show or ride that the person wants to attend. Nothing is going to help someone focus on a project more than a set deadline.

It is also important to remember that plans are just that -; plans. They will always change. They are never going to be completely right. These are not set in stone and it’s important to remember they can change. These are just a tool. The situation is going to change as someone gets further into the building process. This means the plans will also likely change.

If someone has more resources to apply to the build, they may be able to compress the time frame for the project. For example, if someone were building a house, they could increase the speed of the job if the number of construction workers was doubled. Custom bikes are no different.

However, most people decide to work on custom bike projects on their own. Adding more resources to speed up this building process may mean “outsourcing” some of the work that needs to be done. For example, if the engine needs to be rebuilt, and a person doesn’t want to try to do this on their own, they can hire a professional. Another example would be if someone wants a flake paint scheme that can’t be done in the on-site shop.

If these jobs are outsourced to a professional, it means that an individual can handle other tasks at the same time. It may also be possible to convince friends to help with this project. These types of options will help to speed up the project’s time frame, but it may increase the cost, so it is important to consider if this is a trade-off someone is willing to make.

When it comes to working on any custom motorcycle project, it is all about quality, time, and cost. If someone adds to the cost of the project, it will likely increase the quality. The balance can be adjusted to suit the needs of the project and the person’s financial situation.

Style and Concept

A person needs to think about the type of bike they are trying to build. This is probably the easiest question to think about. After all, most people who decide to build a custom bike already have an idea of what they want. These elements should be put together as part of developing the concept for the bike.

If the builder is artistic, or if they work as a designer, then they may be able to sketch what they want to create. Building a bike on paper or on a screen is all part of the overall planning process. This type of virtual construction is going to help guide the decisions while the building process is being done.

For those who have more skills with a hammer than a pencil, there are many other options. For example, draw or photograph the frame of the project bike and then sketch over this using one of the many drawing apps that are available.

With these apps, it is easy to add tail sections, wheels, seats, and tanks, even if they are just block shapes. This is going to help conform the lines and proportions for the project before cutting anything that can’t be uncut. Once the shapes are right, put the picture on the wall or somewhere in the work area. It will help influence the choice of base motorcycles if they have not decided what they want to purchase.

Find and Purchase the Project Bike

If someone is ready to purchase their project bike, there are a few things to consider. For example, older bikes are usually going to be less complicated and they will be much easier to work on, both electrically and mechanically. If someone has purchased the newer model bike, they must consider all the electric components that are necessary to run the engine and computer. There are also factors like electronic suspension, wheelie control, traction control, ABS, and more.

Another important consideration is that older bikes will likely have more parts and information readily available. If someone is planning to build a Harley-Davidson chopper, Triumph café racer, or a Honda, these models have more than enough second-hand, reproduction, and will-fit parts that can be purchased.

Buying the Parts

If someone wants to purchase specific secondhand parts, they may have to purchase them whenever they are available. If not, there are some online stores that can provide any part a person may need.

Based on the condition of the donor bike, it may be ideal to reuse some of the parts or items. There are also some parts that should be trashed right away.

There are some parts that most people would recommend getting rid of and replacing with entirely new ones. One of these is the wiring harness. This is especially necessary if this part has already been modified. In most cases, if a new one is not purchased, it will lead to issues with reliability down the road.

Another is the roller bearings, like the swingarm, headstock, and wheel bearings. There is no way to know what type of condition they are in, so it is a good idea to spend a few dollars to purchase more and have more peace of mind they aren’t going to wear out too soon.

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The filters (fuel, air, and oil) should also be replaced. Again, just like the bearings, there is no way to know what condition they are in or if they are still offering any level of protection to the engine. All rubber parts, the tires, footpeg rubber, grips, hose boots, and more, need to be replaced, too. Many of these parts are going to have to be replaced at some point so it is a good idea to inspect them all.

After someone has started to mock-up their project bike, their parts shopping list needs to become more obvious. It is a good idea to keep the new parts that are purchased in their protective packaging as long as possible -; even until the final assembly is done. This helps to minimize any type of handling damage during the actual build process.

Teardown and Sorting

The teardown process can begin right after the donor bike is purchased. While this is a good idea, there are a few things to keep in mind.

If the project is stretched out over months or years, most people are not going to remember where all the parts go. This is especially the case if there is a box of bolts taken off the bike. Because of this, a system needs to be put in place to catalog the parts along with the disassembly process.

It is a good idea to purchase a factory service manual as a reference. These can be useful for the entire time the bike is owned. Purchase the manuals, either used or new as soon as the bike is purchased.

Using a camera to take a lot of photos during the teardown process is a good idea, too. Before removing a part, be sure to take a photo of where it was located. This is going to make things easier in the end.

Cleaning the Parts

Most of the cleaning for the parts and components will result in them looking new once again. Also, most people can handle this at home. Don’t skip this important part of the process. When building a custom bike, taking time to do this will pay off.

Building the New Bike

Once the parts are purchased and cleaned, it is possible to begin the mockup process. Take some time to figure out where everything goes and how to create the custom bike wanted. In the long run, taking the right steps and ensuring the right process is followed will ensure the custom bike a person wants is built. While this can be a long process, in the end, it will be more than worth it. Be sure to keep this in mind to enjoy all that is offered by a custom motorcycle and all the hard work that is put into its creation.

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