Heart disease is the most common and the deadliest disease of all time. It includes a heart attack or a stroke or any blockage of arteries. A healthy heart provides enough blood supply to the whole body to perform bodily functions effectively. Heart disease is caused by several factors which may affect other parts of the body as well. Clotting of blood in arteries may reduce blood supply to the brain resulting in stroke. An unhealthy diet or overdose of a particular medicine may increase the chance of getting a heart attack.

There are some medications available to keep the heart condition healthy. A healthy heart can increase the lifespan of a person. To prevent heart-related problems in the future, some lifestyle changes are required.

1. Quit smoking and alcohol consumption

Smoking and alcohol consumption causes harmful effects on the major organs of the body. They do not benefit bodily functions in a healthy way. Smoking and alcohol consumption can cause many deadly diseases like heart attack, stroke, cancer, or AIDS. Smoking and alcohol completely destroy the heart and lungs. Try to reduce the consumption of alcohol if you are an alcoholic, slowly and gradually so that you can easily prevent yourself from relapse.

2. Manage weight

Obesity is harmful to your health. Obese people become easily susceptible to heart diseases. If you are a heavily overweight person then you need to manage your weight according to your height. There are a number of applications through which you can keep track of calories intake. Losing extra pounds can greatly affect the functioning of your heart by a huge margin.

3. Consult your doctor for medicinal use

Some medications come with harmful side effects which can be unbearable at times. It is highly recommended that you always consult your doctor for any medicinal use so that he can prescribe you the right dosage of medication according to your condition. As blood clots are easily caused by a weak heart, a medicine called Brilinta is prescribed by doctors to prevent blockage of arteries by keeping the platelets apart. You can easily buy this medicine from a good pharmacy like 90daymeds which is a Canadian pharmacy, specializes in selling authentic medicines at cheap prices. You can find out the cost of Brilinta without insurance on their website.

4. Keep your glucose level under control

Increased glucose level causes diabetes which is a silent killer. Diabetic patients are more prone to getting a heart attack or a stroke if they do not keep their blood sugar levels under control. Diabetes drastically affects the immune system so it is recommended by doctors to keep on checking the blood sugar levels more often.

5. Adopt a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle approach includes eating a healthy diet and exercise regularly. Exercising on a daily basis keeps the heart healthy and increases its functioning to the maximum level. Exercise along with a balanced diet prevents you from getting a  heart attack or a stroke.


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