London is the place to be, if you’re an avid TV fan! Directors have long filmed amazing shows across the winding streets of London, and there’s more than a few recognisable sites for you to visit.

However, as frequently as King’s Cross Station might be featured in your favourite programmes, we’ve found some lesser known – but, still ultimate! – places in London for you to visit, and connect with your favourite TV shows. Read on for more.

Doctor Who: Time Fracture at Immersive LDN, Mayfair

Become “The Doctor” and save humanity in this immersive theatrical experience.

Doctor Who: Time Fracture has become immensely popular amongst Whovian fans, because of its immersive nature! You are thrown into the Blitz, 1940s, amongst the ruins of Mayfair. It’s here that you must overcome a fracture in time, one that’s overwhelming UNIT, and you are humanity’s remaining hope! Protect the planet for over two hours, with family and friends.

Madame Tussauds, Marylebone

See your favourite TV characters in the flesh…almost, at the wonderful Madame Tussauds in Marylebone. There are more than 300 amazing wax figures to be seen here, crafted by the finest sculptors and artists in the industry. You’re bound to meet some of the famous celebrities that play our most beloved TV characters, here.

Downton Abbey Walking Tour

Transport yourself to an era of elegance, scandalous gossip and sprawling manor houses with the Downton Abbey Walking Tour! The Downton Abbey Walking Tour of London guides you through the regular retreats of all the Lords and Ladies in the Crawley family: you’ll see their London abode in the Grantham House, and other memorable sites of the show such as the Lotus Jazz Club and The National Gallery. Over two hours long, gain insight into the behind-the-scenes mysteries of the show, and satisfy your appetite for Downton Abbey anecdotes!

221b Baker Street

BBC’s Sherlock, a modern adaptation of the much-loved Sherlock Holmes stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, took us all by storm when it was first released in 2010! Many TV watchers today continue to be avid fans of this show. Lucky for us, we can see 221b Baker Street in the flesh! Although it might not look exactly like it does in the show, 221b Baker Street has a wonderful museum and gift shop for you to explore. Lovers of this show will still enjoy the rich history behind 221b Baker Street, and Sherlock Holmes himself.

Find the right hotel in London for you

You might be thinking: where do I stay, when I visit all of these ultimate places? Well, we have the answer for you! A hotel near Shepherds Bush tube would be a great idea. Here, you’re extremely close to local amenities, attractions, and all of the above places. There’s no other choice for the avid TV fan visiting London.

So, there you have it – the ultimate places in London to visit for avid TV fans. Now that you know where to visit, and where to stay, all that is left to do is book in your holidays and start exploring everything London has to offer.


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