The Use of Electronic Document Management System for Companies, Organizations, and Business Owners

There is a case that you have to organize and store a lot of documents. It seems impossible to do it manually. For a more comfortable and accurate process, you can use a document management system. LogicalDOC offers you a specific system known as an Electronic 

Document Management System or EDMS.  Learn the details about EDMS below before using it.

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About EDMS

EDMS is software that is used to organize and store digital documents. The good thing is that this software is also suitable for organizing paper documents. You only have to scan the documents and let the software store and coordinate them. EDMS is a solution for companies, business owners or Brisbane project management that have to store and organize a large volume of digital and/or paper documents in one place. As a result, you can easily find the data you need. You don’t need a large room and shelves only to store documents. 

The Benefits of EDMS

Companies and business owners can get a lot of benefits by using this digital Document Management System. You don’t need to get confused about buying a lot of shelves anymore. This software can store a large volume of digital documents. Another benefit is that users can archive as well as share the documents. Because of that, you can easily give the documents to others immediately.

You don’t have to print or fax the documents only because you want to send it to your team, colleagues, or clients. The software will track and manage all the activities, so you can check them to make sure that you have done everything right.

This benefit helps you to approve, review, or revise the documents or things you have done. The positive impact is that the software empowers your teams to easily store, share, access, and enrich high-quality content in a single place. They can improve the documents anytime it needs. 

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One of the most interesting features is the metadata inclusive. This feature classifies digital documents accurately and automatically. Metadata inclusive also helps users to easily access the documents and get the essential detail. It makes users get what they are looking for fast. Just imagine if you have to find specific detail in a large volume of documents manually. Indeed, it takes time and energy. 

EDMS with its metadata inclusive will make the process faster. This system is valuable for those who often find specific information from a lot of documents. Metadata inclusive works by keywords, chronology, topic, and others. It means users only have to input specific keywords related to the documents they are looking for. Let the system work to find the exact document and you will get it right away.      


Users can apply EDMS in three different ways. The first method is a stand-alone deployment. In this method, the system will be on your server. This software is compatible with Windows, Linux, or Mac OS. You don’t need to install any additional components only to run and use the software. It is because the software has been designed with an embedded database.

The second method is a shared server. It is considered one of the best uses of EDMS. This method allows you to install the software on the accessible workstation servers in your company or organization. You will store and organize the documents in one place.

Later, anyone who needs specific files can access the software and get it. If you are getting confused with the installation, you may choose to use the LogicalDOC Cloud method.

This method is using Cloud so you can use EDMS on the servers cloud storage. The best part is that you don’t need to install anything. The system will always be online for 24 hours.

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Take this method if your business doesn’t have a self-hosted system yet to organize and store digital documents. You only have to pay for the access and use all the infrastructure and get used to the maintenance.   


A specific system such as the Electronic Document Management System helps companies, institutions, or business owners more than just store and organize documents. Users can do more than that, including sharing, updating, and looking for specific documents immediately and accurately.

The most important thing is that users can do the process safely. It works well for offices, organizations, companies, and others. The features are easy to use, so users can access the documents they need anytime and anywhere they want. 

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