The world’s largest active volcano is erupting in Hawaii

The world's largest active volcano is erupting in Hawaii
It has erupted 33 times since 1843

Yesterday morning, the world’s largest active volcano erupted on the American island of Hawaii. This is the first time it has erupted in nearly 40 years, but there was no threat to the residents of the surrounding areas.

On Sunday night, the Mauna Loa volcano erupted, as reported in a warning from the American Geophysical Institute.

The institute stated that currently, the situation does not pose any threat to populated areas. They added that there is no sign of the eruption’s progress towards the rift area which would make it easier for magma to travel underground.

Although the authorities did not issue any evacuation orders, they closed some roads as a precaution.

The American Geophysical Institute sounded the alarm on Sunday, saying that the initial stages of the “Mauna Loa” eruption might advance quickly. They went on to say that where and how fast the lava flowed could also shift without notice.

The US meteorologist warned that the volcanic ash would cause respiratory problems for residents and electronic systems failures.

On Twitter, volcanologist Robin George Andrews expressed that we should all pay close attention to the mountain given that it is dangerous and has not erupted since 1984–the longest dormancy in its history.

The volcano has had 33 eruptions since 1843, the most recent being in 1984 and lasting 22 days.

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