At this point, it’s almost unimaginable to think of a living room without a coffee table. It acts as a temporary resting place for coffee cups and other snacks to entertain our guests. A lot of glass top coffee table comes with extra built-in shelves too. Or, even use it as a display. The interior look and feel of a room can change instantly with the existence of a coffee table.

Let’s take a look at some of the styles of coffee tables that suit any home.

1. Noguchi Style Coffee Table

Noguchi Style Coffee Table

The authentic Noguchi style coffee table is a direct throwback to the World War II era. Portraying an artful, fleeting look of the time gone by, the coffee table itself is quite heavyweight.

 The glossy legs which interlock with one another can be customized according to your color preference. The glass top has a fascinating triangular curvy shape that would look right at home on your patio. If you are looking for something old school, this coffee table definitely makes the cut.

2. Mermaid Coffee Table

Mermaid Coffee Table

For nursery rooms, it is always a good idea to go for a round-shaped glass top coffee table. Tables with corners, no matter how blunt, could end up hurting your kid or even their friends.

 Children tend to run around a lot, and you don’t want them crashing straight to the side of the corner of a glass coffee table. Setting up the Mermaid coffee table in your nursery room might be the most genius idea of interior design. It provides a combination of safety and style.  The legs are funky mermaid shaped, and the color scheme depends on your wish. In any nursery, it will fit right in with the decor.  It is advised to order this with tempered glass.

Do you know where to order it from though? We will personally recommend, for it is where most of our ideas for the contemporary styles have come from.

 This beautiful glass and mirror company has been creating custom-cut glass coffee tables for a long time. Besides the 5 styles mentioned here, they also have other designs such as Milano Coffee Table for the perfect party time, Diamond design coffee table for another designer base, and the kernel coffee table for living room space and so on. There are plenty of options for you to specifically choose from, according to the decoration style of your home.

3. Rectangle Coffee Table

Rectangle Coffee Table

When it comes to the living room, it is better to go with the classic Rectangle coffee table. This elegant contemporary living space decor is capable of fitting-in in any kind of room. No matter how different your interior is, this rectangle coffee table with its elevatable glass top and an attached but separated shelf underneath will find its home.

 The legs are made of glass and MDF base, making it one of the sturdiest you will come across. The shelf will do its job as a wonderful place to put away some magazines and trinkets, and yet being in view to compliment the modern decor. This type of coffee table has remained relevant for a very long time.

4. Infinity Premier Coffee Table

If you want something truly different from the rest, something that will fit in with only the decors of a minimalist contemporary home, Infinity Premier Coffee Table is what you want to go for. Although the glass tabletop is the usual rectangular shape, it’s the base that truly differentiates it from the rest.

It has a winding long white base from one corner to the other, connecting the legs in between. No matter how troublesome it may look, installing it requires little to no time. Your guests won’t be able to stop looking at it once they see it!  Also, if you are looking for a housewarming gift for a friend, this is one of the safest choices.

Infinity Premier Coffee Table

5. Round Glass Top Side Table

Side tables are a must in every home. When you are busy watching a movie and need the popcorn to get you through the night, you don’t want to experience the trouble of pausing the movie and leaning all the way across for your other coffee table.

 Not when you can have a small glass coffee table beside your couch. It takes up the bare minimum amount of space, no more than your couch does and certainly won’t be getting in your way when you are walking around the house, getting ready to leave.

Round Glass Top Side Table

 Alternatively, you can also order a side table for your bedroom. Your glasses and other regular things need a place for storage too, and wooden shelves can be a hassle. This round glass side table can be perfect to accommodate those glasses and other similar items.

 You know the different styles of coffee tables that can make your living experience better than ever. As discussed above, each type of table has its own set of pros and cons. It is ultimately your decision to go with the one matching your needs.

 Alternatively, you can customize an entirely new glass coffee table according to your vision. Maybe you have one in mind which is completely different from any design you have come across to date? You can make your imagination into reality by making use of the custom option. It will let you select the style of glass, shape, dimensions, the framework, and everything else you might be worried about.

Don’t wait too long! The coffee tables are too much in demand to spend time contemplating your order!

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