Protecting our homes is one of the most important things to do as it ensures that it’s safe and comfortable. It’s where we are most secure with our families, friends, siblings, and even pets. Neglecting our home’s security could lead to disaster.

This is because we live in dangerous times. Or lives could change for the worse if we neglect our own safety. Whether it’s that broken lock, broken window, or dislocated entry point, we should give it our immediate attention and have it attended to. This is to prevent crime-related incidences and other forms of tragedies.

The first step towards keeping your home safe is ensuring that you understand the importance of staying safe and out of harm’s way all the time. Every opening should be adequately and safely sealed. For example, a window should provide enough safety when closed.

Taking more steps to protect your home should also be a priority. This includes making changes to prevent burglary, airborne diseases, dust, theft, and other incidences. One of the most obvious places to start is the door. It’s the most accessible point in our homes.

Protecting the windows can be tricky. Windows are not generally built to be as strong as doors. Their fitment also allows easier entry if someone was to try and break in. Most windows are made of wooden surfaces, steel, or glass. These can be easily broken into. This makes it important to pay extra attention to them.

If you’d like to keep thieves and burglars away, start by fully covering your windows to avoid prying eyes. Thieves mostly scout a house from afar to see how vulnerable the windows and other entry points are. Once they see that there isn’t too much activity, they leverage on that to invade your space.

Below are three ways you can fully cover your windows:


Curtains are a common cover-up for windows in most homes. Their main use is to cover the home from excessive sunlight. They also help to keep your home private by blocking prying eyes from seeing whatever is going on inside the house. Most curtains are also available in different styles and designs. This helps them to match your home’s interior décor and to complement your style of living. For added privacy, consider buying cubicle curtains. They are available in two varieties: easy-to-fit disposable curtains or standard eyelet disposable curtains.

Draperies are also another alternative form of window protection that almost resembles curtains. They are normally longer and lined. Materials used to make draperies include brocade, velvet, chenille, suede, boucle, and damask. The lining on these materials provides additional weight which makes the materials to fold when hung. They are an effective solution for light blocking and provide much-needed insulation.


Blinds Brisbane are a traditional form of window coverings built and designed using different materials. Common blinds are either made of plastic, vinyl, aluminum, faux wood or wood. They are also adjustable to a preferred angle so as to let the sun in or create more privacy for your home. The average type of blind is controlled using a cord that can be lowered or raised depending on the preferred visibility.

The most common types of blinds include vertical blinds, Venetian blinds, conservatory blinds, Roman blinds, pleated blinds, picture blinds, roller blinds, wooden blinds, perfect fit blinds, panel blinds, blackout blinds, and picture blinds. For advanced types, you can consider using either remote control blinds or energy saving blinds. The former is controlled by radio handsets, a wall switch, your phone or tablet. They are either powered by 230 v or 24 v main switches, solar power, or batteries. The latter are designed to prevent heat from escaping during winter and also ensure that your home stays cool during the hot season.

Insect Screens

Insect screens are ideal for homes that are surrounded by insect-infested environments. They protect your home using a mesh that covers the window. Some manufacturers have door-size insect screens that can be fitted on doors to keep away annoying flies and mosquitoes. The most common types include mesh panel insect screens, chain insect screens, hinged insect screens, roller insect screens, telescopic window fly screens, mesh insect screens, framed insect screens, sliding fly door screens, and candy strip fly screens.

These are only but a few solutions to making your windows burglar-proof. There are definitely more options that homeowners can look into as they put these up. Other solutions include window locks, window sensors, tempered glass, polycarbonate windows, window bars, motion-detection lights, thorny shrubbery, and security cameras. Overall, taking an extra step to protect your home gives you some peace of mind. You are never worried about your safety. This ensures that you get some good night sleep and carry out your activities without worry.


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